Why You Should Invest In Company Fixed Deposits from Bajaj Finance?

Company Fixed Deposits

Company fixed deposits, also known as corporate fixed deposits, are the investment avenues provided by companies for flexible tenure. Companies offer a fixed rate of interest to depositors.

A depositor should always prefer a company like Bajaj Finance having company fixed deposits with higher ratings accredited by trusted credit rating agencies. Most companies offer flexible tenure for fixed deposits. 

Benefits of Bajaj Finance FD

Bajaj Finance offers fixed deposits for 12-60 months and periodic interest payment options. Let us explore further the benefits of Bajaj Finance FD

1. Better returns as compared to any other FD

You will get higher returns on your deposits with Bajaj Finance as compared to bank FDs and post office FDs. Recently, they have increased their interest rates on FD accounts. They are offering interest rates of up to 7.25%. This interest keeps compounding over time and you will see significant growth in your savings. You can earn higher interest rates on an FD with a longer tenure period. 

2.  Cumulative and Non-cumulative Fixed Deposits

This feature of Bajaj Finance FD is beneficial for depositors looking for regular income avenues. Depositors can choose interest payout frequency as per their financial requirements. For example, a dependent senior citizen can opt for non-cumulative FD to receive interest payouts on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual basis. Whereas, a depositor looking for wealth creation over an extended period of time can opt for cumulative FDs. The accumulated interest will be paid on the maturity date. 

3. Safe & Secure Investment

Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposits have earned ICRA’s MAAA (stable) rating and CRISIL’s FAAA/Stable rating. It has the highest safety ratings accredited to any FD. Thus, you can invest your funds with trust and confidence to see your investment grow in time.

4. Better Risk Management

Fixed deposits are very helpful in managing the risk involved in an investment plan. Fixed deposits are completely unaffected by market fluctuations once you have invested your funds in FD. If you are a risk-averse investor, give priority to FD while diversifying your investment and invest most of your funds in Bajaj Finance FD to ensure the safety of the principal amount. 

5. Fixed Deposit Calculator

Depositors who are planning to make investments and want to estimate their FD maturity amount can use Bajaj fixed deposit calculator. It will help you to plan and foresee your investment growth in advance.

6. Flexibility

Bajaj Finance FD is flexible enough for every type of investor. You can make a deposit with Bajaj Finance FD for 12-60 months. Whether there are long-term investors or short-term investors, different tenures are available for different types of depositors. For example, you can invest in different fixed deposit schemes for home purchasing and bear education expenses that will mature at different dates.

7. Liquidity

Bajaj Finance FD is a liquid investment because of the premature withdrawal facility. In case, the depositor is in urgency to meet any financial requirement, he/she is allowed to withdraw the invested funds without any hectic formality. However, they need to pay a penalty for premature withdrawal. 

8. Lower Investment Amount

One of the best facilities offered by Bajaj Finance is the lower minimum amount to start an FD investment. An individual who wants to invest but has limited funds can also go for Bajaj FD schemes. The minimum investment limit is Rs.25,000 only.

9. Online Investment Process

Bajaj Finance FD accounts can be opened online in easy steps. You just need to fill in the online FD form with personal details and the amount to be deposited. Your FD account will be opened at the comfort of your home and without any paperwork. Go digital for the investment process also.

10. Multi deposit facility

Bajaj Finance offers a multi-deposit facility wherein you can invest in multiple FDs with a single payment cheque and thus conveniently ladder your investment across multiple deposits.

11. Auto-renewal facility

With an auto-renewal facility from Bajaj Finance, you can earn an additional interest rate of 0.10% on your deposits if you choose to auto-renew.

12. Loan against FD

You can also avail a loan against FD to meet fund requirements during emergencies.

Now you know the benefits of company fixed deposits. With Bajaj Finance FD you will feel financially more secure and will also have the liberty to create wealth in the long run.

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