Why is Dedicated Server Hosting Companies’ First Choice?

Dedicated server hosting is already the most reliable hosting platform. But we are not just saying like this, the features of it that make it a gem in the field of hosting. There are several dedicated hosting India providers in the market today but they have stepped into other kinds of hosting services also. With the increasing number of companies, websites, etc. demand for different kinds of hosting has gone up to the summit. To cater to the needs of different kinds of clients, alternate hosting services got into the market.  

The hosting world has seen vast changes in hosting technologies and the changes have been made for good. Demand for shared hosting services also rose with the increase in the number of startups that do not ask for much bandwidth or storage space. After the whole popularity game of shared hosting service, came hosting services like VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting, colocation hosting, and managed to host which are more advanced versions of server hosting. But each of them lacked behind dedicated hosting India in areas like security, reliability, flexibility, etc. Although all of these new-age hosting services like shared hosting and the virtual servers along with colocation servers intimidated customers by their affordable pricing. Still, dedicated server hosting remains the epitome among all the hosting services considering various factors. 

How is the shift towards alternate hosting services?

Large international or national companies or big entrepreneurs still rely more on dedicated server hosting. They cannot even think of compromising on the security or flexibility of their organization. It has been seen that many of the small clientele and employees opt for shared hosting. This is because they don’t feel like spending that much and as the initial days of the startup do not need that much-dedicated resources. Once their employee and clientele base starts to flourish, dedicated hosting India is their preferred hosting platform. 

With changing times, hosting requirements have also gone through. The market has also seen a recent surge in the game streaming field. The rising trend of game streamers has created more opportunities for reliable hosting services like dedicated server hosting. Real-time gaming requires a reliable hosting platform that can only be promised by a trusted dedicated hosting India. Hence dedicated server hosting is not going out of the market scope but the kind of users have changed. The unique features make it the quintessential hosting service of all times.

 These unique features are- 

Reinforced security

There is no competition for dedicated server hosting when it comes to security. This is the most demanding feature of dedicated server hosting. It becomes the major reason why most of the companies switch to dedicated server hosting from any other platform as they couldn’t enjoy the level of security elsewhere. There is no doubt that any business uncountable accounts, passwords, or files. Such sensitive login details and information stored in these data files need the best-secured hosting platform and nothing can be better than dedicated server hosting when it comes to security. All the access to any of the accounts or data files is controlled by the organization’s assigned authority only. The strong malware systems promised by dedicated server hosting make the environment of the server multi-layered secured. The organization also has the facility to customize the level of security as per the requirements. For example, websites dealing with customer’s banking details need to be more secured as compared to any social media website. Thus multinationals always keep their domain secured by only dedicated hosting India.

Flexibility at your ease

The dedicated IP servers provide you with super flexibility and optimization in hand and at your ease. The organization has full freedom to download any kind of software or files until and unless it may be a threat to the concerned organization or to the national integrity. This all has been made possible by giving the choice of the operating system. This is not promised by any other kind of hosting platform or plans. Different business modules work differently on the different operating systems and their distributions. In fact, they behave completely differently in some cases with changed efficiencies. For example, if a business module is designed to work best on Linux operating system, then it won’t work with the same efficiency on any other distribution. All of this leads up to this conclusion that dedicated server hosting provides full control over the digital infrastructure which is beneficial for you if seen in the bigger picture.

Availability of first-class technical support

Most organizations run on critical applications that call for seamless network connectivity as they cannot afford to lose on any client. But if a website goes offline even for some minutes then the results can be catastrophic. Only dedicated hosting India can promise such non-intermittent and 24*7 online service. Dedicated servers rely completely on data centers working on the N+1 model that is known to be designed to deliver maximum uptime. Redundant backup is a surety with dedicated server hosting to avoid a single instance of failure with world-class availability. 

Dedicated server hosting services have round the clock technical support completely dedicated just to a single enterprise at a time. There are several times when the organization’s technical staff will not able to resolve any issue then the problem is handled by the technical support. This service is not like any other customer service type but a full-fledged service took care of by the technical experts. If in any doubt you can consult them or leave the problem to them and it will be resolved soon definitely before SLA. The expertise they hire has been trained to deal with technical problems like these through optimum solutions.

The benefits enlisted might have given you more reasons to switch to a dedicated server host. So what are you waiting for? Dedicated hosting India is waiting to serve you and give you the desired edge your website deserves. 

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