Why are Scrapping off Leaves from Emerald Zoysia Important?

Many things can damage a lawn, especially sod grass, including; wrong watering and mowing timing and techniques, allowing foot traffic that can cause damage. These things have to be taken care of throughout the year. 

But if the Autumn season has started, then the fallen leaves are an additional issue you have to deal with when you have installed Emerald Zoysia.

What are the Consequences of Fallen Leaves on Emerald Zoysia?

According to scientists, fallen leaves are an excellent alternative to fertilizers. But when the quantity increases and covers almost the whole area, it can cause issues of the grass that will be mentioned in detail in the below points.

Sunlight Unable to Reach Roots

Every living being needs water, air, sunlight, and nutrients to live and survive. If even a single of these is missing, then problems will develop. Sunlight is the essential natural element that should reach the roots of the sod grass. The fallen leaves block the sunlight from reaching the roots.

Improper Air Circulation

Just as leaves block the sunlight, so does the air circulation. Proper airflow is necessary for the growth of the grass. Removing the leaves will make space for air to reach the leaves to help in photosynthesis.

Moisture Develops Molds

When sunlight and air reach the roots of the sod grass, it will help to absorb the moisture. If the humidity remains in the grass, then molds will develop and damage the grass. But the absence of moisture will prevent mildew from forming.

Growth of Grass is Affected

The absence of air and sunlight directly affects the growth of Emerald zoysia sod. Two things might happen when there is a deficiency of air and sunlight; either the development of the grass will slow down, or that patch of grass will be damaged permanently.

Early Diseases can Evolve

Not clearing the fallen leaves will develop early sod grass diseases that most importantly include Blight, Zoysia Patch, Brown Patch, Pythium, and Dollar Spot. These are some of the early signs of sod grass damage.

Can Fallen Leaves Damage other Grasses like Zeon Zoysia Sod?

You have to be careful with the fallen leaves for all kinds of sod grasses that you can order from suppliers near your location like Atlanta Sod Farms. It is essential to clear up the leaves, especially in Autumn, to enable the grass to grow properly.

What Tips to Follow to Remove Fallen Leaves?

What is the use of knowing the consequences of fallen leaves when you do nothing to clear it up? The sod grass dealers will give you excellent suggestions on the techniques and tools to remove the leaves fallen on the sod grass.

Using the Right Tool for Removing

The first thing that you should do is know which kind of tools will be used to remove what leave type. Large rakes are the best for gathering more giant leaves, and sometimes blowers are the best for smaller ones.

Use Powerful Leaf Blower

There are powerful blowers available that blow away the leaves and gather at a specific spot. These blowers are either gas or electric-powered, but they are a great tool to remove the leaves.

Raking and Collecting in a Bag

The second choice of people for collecting leaves is a rake. As discussed, there are different-sized rakes that can sweep the leaves. After gathering all the leaves, you can collect them in a bag.

Removing Leaves Every Day

If you want your lawn and sod grass to grow in a good way, then it is important to remove the leaves every day, especially during Autumn. The leaves fall during Autumn the most because the trees are preparing for hibernation during the winter.

Can some Leaves be Left on Grass?

As discussed at the beginning that fallen leaves can be a good alternative to fertilizers, so people don’t pick them up from Emerald Zoysia. This option can be considered, but it is not always a good solution. So, you have to be careful when leaving fallen leaves on the grass.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are leaves bad for new sod?

Yes, the new sod grass, including Emerald Zoysia, is still in the development stage, so it is damaging for the grass not to remove the leaves. Even when the grass is fully established, you have to remove the leaves.

Is it OK to mow leaves instead of raking?

If the leaves are not much fallen, then you can consider mowing instead of raking. Another point that you should pay attention to is that trimming should be done when applying the fertilizer.

What happens if  I don’t rake my leaves?

The fallen leaves will prevent sunlight, water, air, and nutrients from reaching the roots. This will affect the growth of the grass.

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