What is Eastern Canada Known For?

Many people seem to only think of Toronto when they discuss eastern Canada.  There’s more to this portion of the country than just that city, though!

These are some of the best reasons people visit the area and why many are proud to call this portion of the country their home.

Fantastic Seasons

The seasons in eastern Canada are mind-boggling.  Autumn is when it’s at its most beautiful, where every plot of land like Halifax Public Gardens shifts into different hues of gold, red, and orange, and the air begins to crisp up in preparation for winter.

Winter is, of course, going to bring a ton of snow and last for longer than any other season: but that makes spring and summer so much sweeter.  This area is an amazing place to visit because regardless of what time of year you’re in eastern Canada: it will feel like an entirely different place.

Inexpensive Vacations

Although the houses for sale in Toronto may be expensive: vacationing in this city doesn’t have to be!  The countless attractions, beautiful scenery, and incredible food add up into an amazing place that anyone would love to visit.  Vancouver is one of the most diverse cities on Earth and is full to the brim with artists and other creative people who offer insight and creativity to everyone who comes to the city.

Most eastern Canada offers a fantastic way to travel cheaply, whether you’re going from Nova Scotia to Newfoundland and Labrador, don’t be afraid to take in the sights and enjoy the cities!

The Home of Anne of Green Gables

If you know the best-selling novels by Lucy Maud Montgomery, you might be one of the countless people who want to enjoy the fantastic setting the story calls home.

Spending time in Cavendish, in Prince Edward Island Park, you can enjoy the gorgeous views and scenery, and even make a stop in the incredible museum dedicated to the books and location while you’re here, ¬†Also, Read¬†Delta Airlines Customer Care Phone Number.

Amazing Locally Grown Produce

The eastern side of Canada understands the importance of being able to source your food.  While visiting, you can enjoy everything from fresh, delicious apples in the fall to wonderful greens in the spring and fruit in the summer.

Droughts are less common on the east coast, which allows for food to grow in huge numbers.  Farmer’s markets are incredibly popular stops year-round and give you the chance to savor the area’s tastes.

The Best Whale Watching on Earth

If you want to see wildlife in its most wild, Newfoundland and Labrador have the best whale watching on Earth.  Every year the largest population of humpbacks in the world return to this area to eat and raise their young.

Usually occurring between May and September, this is the best time of the year to get out and be on the water amongst these amazing animals.  You can arrange a day tour or even simply kayak among the whales to take in how majestic they are. 

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