What are the best massage chairs on the market?

Let’s talk about purchasing a massage chair. These furniture pieces combine technology and creativity in a unique way. Massage chairs can be life-changing for busy people who are tired of their daily grind. So they spend their time searching tirelessly for massage chairs for sale near me. You can find them online. 

However, with the right resources and knowledge, you can find the perfect massage chair to meet all your needs. You could also buy a massage chair that does not fit your needs. We have reviewed the top massage chairs on the market and compiled this list. Let’s first take a look at what types of massages can be done with a massage chair.

The back mechanism roller technology of massage chairs is constantly evolving to make them feel more like a personal masseuse rather than a machine. The technology has advanced from 2D therapy to 4D therapy in just a few years. Here are some examples of the available options:

2D Massage Chairs:

2D massage chair rollers move in 2 dimensions: up and down, side to side, with a fixed depth (otherwise known as intensity).

3D/4D Massage Chairs:

A 2D massage chair operates on the X-Y axis. 3D/4D chairs work on the same axis. This allows for the third dimension of movement, allowing you to move sideways, up and down, in and out, as well as sideways.

It begs the question: Which Technology is better, 3D/4D or 2D? A 3D/4D massage chair is the best option for a personalized, human-like massage.

Let’s now take a look at the different types of massage chairs available on the market. This will give you a better understanding of the main classifications and help you choose the right seat for you.

Full Body Massage Chairs

These are the most popular types of Electric massage chairs. These chairs are known as Full Body massage chairs. These chairs do exactly what they are known for. You get a full body massage. If you are looking for something that can massage your entire body while you sit on it then look no further.

There are many options for Full Body Massage Chairs. The brand and model that you choose will determine what highlights they have and how they perform the massage therapy. 

Full-body massage chairs offer soothing therapy for your neck, back, shoulders, calves, and feet. Modern models include the ability to massage your hands and arms.

Ottoman Massage Chairs

We now reach the Ottoman massage chairs at the extreme end of the full-body massage chair range. These chairs can be considered budget massage chairs, and they have been around for a very long time. These chairs are the type of chair that almost anyone who has a tight budget would look for.

Although they are more expensive than regular seats, ottoman massage chairs offer the benefit of being more comfortable and less bulky than other types of massage chairs.

Heated massage chairs

Heated massage chairs are a unique way to heat treat. It is considered an extravagant feature in top-of-the-line vehicles and 5-star hotels.

If you are looking for a customized seat for relaxation and unwinding, such as a massage chair, then heated massage chairs will be a great choice. 

Heated massage is a different treatment than other types for soreness and muscle pressure. You can do the same with heated massage chairs.

Air Massage Chairs

The air massage chair is a different type of massage seat than other types. They are as comfortable, if not better, and offer a unique experience. They are not like traditional massage, which uses electronic massaging hardware.

Instead, Air Massage chairs use a lot more airbags to relax areas of your body that other massage chairs won’t.

Most massage chairs impact your neck, shoulders, and calves. Air massage seats, however, rub your hands and arms. This is in contrast to traditional massage chairs with rollers, which can provide a more intense therapy experience. 

The airbags are effective in providing a full-body massage. They also help you feel relaxed after intense activities such as cardio or gym sessions.

Zero-Gravity Massage Chairs

Zero Gravity is another type of massage therapeutic chair. Zero Gravity massage chairs provide a similar experience to pilots flying in space under zero gravity conditions. 

This was initially offered as an option in some massage chairs. It was later made into a type of massage furniture when Zero Gravity Massage Chairs were created.

Zero Gravity chairs have a slope that is comparable to what space travelers experience when they glide through space. This allows you to reverse the damage done to your spine. This is a positive way to improve your overall posture and relieve your back.

These massage chairs have certain features such as 3D/4D massage and S-Track or L-Track, Full Body Scan Technology, Full-Body Scans Technology, and many other that enhance your massage experience.  Kollecktiv offers massage chairs that combine these features with state of the art technology. 

We understand that selecting the right massage chair for you can be a difficult task, especially if there are so many options. That is why we offer free testing at our retail locations before you purchase them. Call us or visit the Kollecktiv to learn more about the massage chairs that we offer.

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