What are the Advantages of Using Social Media Advertising to Enhance Business Globally?

In the fastest-growing internet technology, Social media marketing has become an essential part of every single business. As an entrepreneur seeing all these you would have faced different types of issues and difficulties to decide which marketing method to use to reach your targeted consumers. 

Marketing is something that companies use in order to increase marketing, efficiency, create demand and communicate with the customers. 

We all have seen other successful companies that choose top digital marketing services in exchanging offerings, delivering, communicating and process of creating. Companies or businesses can use many social media platforms for advertising to increase brand awareness.

Branding for any of the businesses is considered to be the main part that lets the consumer decide to choose your services or not. So with no brand image, no business can stand out to give something unique to the consumers.    

What do you understand about the Social Media Market?

Social media is a platform where companies, businesses, and even individuals use social media platforms to interact with their customers, families, friends and colleagues. This new trending platform has become one of the best places for businesses to promote their brand and services in a super-easy way. 

Being cheaper than traditional marketing or advertising tools such as TV, Radio and Newspaper, social media channels have billions of active users. Where businesses and all types of companies can communicate and bring more traffic using social media advertising. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and Snapchat.

Mass Media: When we talk about traditional advertising that is best on its own because of the expensive services of traditional media the small businesses most of the time do not choose it. However, most businesses use its services only because they include the local audience which is also your targeted audience.

Social Media: When you see another side of social media advertising this is cheaper than mass media. Social media utilize user information to serve highly relevant advertising with a specific platform. Facebook alone has 2 billion and YouTube 1.5 billion users monthly which make them one of the biggest platforms for advertising and marketing your products.

Where other social media platforms such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger have 1 billion, WeChat 889 million, Instagram 700 million, Twitter and Snapchat are below average (Twitter 328 million and Snapchat 255 million). Here the Facebook advertising shines and it excels generations.

WhatsApp Marketing  

WhatsApp is another one of the most popular social media platforms which are being used to communicate with their targeted audience. WhatsApp bulk SMS can be used to inform your potential consumers about your new launched products and services.

WhatsApp bulk SMS has come on its next level to provide instant messaging with the customers that are looking for you. However, WhatsApp has a good number of users all over the world which make WhatsApp bulk SMS service stand out to communicate with their targeted audience. 

Why forget bulk SMS?

As a business, if you have made your mind to go with social media marketing you should not forget the bulk messaging services. The bulk SMS service has also made its place in marketing your business. However, bulk messaging has a number of advantages that will give your business new wings and enhance your business. 

With bulk SMS service the businesses can meet their targeted customers in a well organized and planned manner all the time which will generate more leads for them through bulk SMS. 

Bulk SMS platform is fast, cost-effective, gives you ROI, and directly reaches your targeted audience. You do not have to worry about your target customers; they will be informed because the readability of bulk SMS is higher compared to other platforms. 

The below figure shows the process of how a new customer from the social media platform buys a product.


The above-given figures show how a consumer chooses to buy a product. The audience you are targeting on the social media platforms for your business communicate with each other in different forms and with different opinions.

Below we have explained the steps of social media marketing.

  1. Awareness: the consumers get aware of the services and the product that your company offers. Consumers can be informed of all your products and services through any of the platforms.
  1. Considerations: When the users get aware of the products and services they are researching about the services and the products. In this stage, the consumer made their mind whether they should be going for this service, product or not.
  1. Purchase: In the third stage the consumer purchases products and the services that your company offers.
  1. User: The product or service that the consumer has purchased they start using.
  1. Form Opinion: After using them the consumers form opinions about the product and service.
  1.  Talk: The users get to talk about the service and products that they have purchased, however, the feedback or talk about the products and services can be negative or positive as well. 

The companies also participate in this talk on social media to make the products and services better so the consumers get satisfied. 

Advantages of social media marketing

  1. Brings your brand to your target audience
  2. Inexpensive
  3. Higher Conversion Rate
  4. Improve Brand’s Loyalty 
  5. Increase Traffic
  6. Gather data of the interested audience of you

With all these advantages the businesses can improve their services and products by knowing their targeted audience through social media. Still, all the companies, businesses are using social media and they get results all the time.

Wrapping up

Social media marketing has several advantages that will enhance your business to know what your targeted audience is looking for in the market, what they are talking about and what opinion they are forming from experiencing your services and products. However, being an inexpensive platform both social media and bulk SMS have grabbed all businesses attention and businesses are jumping on the bandwagon of bulk SMS and social media advertising to communicate with their targeted audience.

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