Use of Adhesives in Various Industries

An adhesive is any substance that is capable of permanently joining materials together. Adhesives are incredibly resourceful and can be utilized in a wide range of different fields and industries. However, because of their demand, they have to be produced in a large amount. Hence, manufacturers focus more on the production of eco-friendly adhesives nowadays. Adhesives can be used in manufacturing, medical fields, carpentry, fabric industries, etc.

Automotive Industry

Adhesives are used in the manufacturing process of cars, trains, airplanes, buses, etc. They are not only used for the adhesion procession but can also be used as sealants. The sealants help prevent oxidation and corrosion of the vehicle parts. They are also used to waterproof various components. Adhesives are highly essential in case of accidents. They play a vital role in the safety process as they have impact-absorbing properties. In the assembly process, adhesives are used to apply weather strips that help against wind and rain.

Woodworking Industry

The woodworking industry makes a lot of use of adhesives. They are used in making drawers, cabinets, and furniture. Some adhesives are waterproof. They contribute significantly to the construction of outdoor furniture. The non-water-resistant adhesives are used in interior designs made of wood, including furniture. Hence, contact adhesives are extensively used in assembling several different types of furniture, timber-based interior designs, and wooden decoration pieces. 

Paint industry

Adhesives are used in paints to make them stick to walls. This prevents the dripping of colours and also makes the painting process more manageable. The result is finely and beautifully coated walls because of the improved adhesion of paints.

Fabric Industry

The fabric industry also utilized adhesive knowledge. The fabric industry uses adhesives that are safe for washing and dry cleaning. The sealants play an essential role in the production of mesmerizing, intricate designs. They are used in fine sewing. Adhesives contribute immensely to the detailed beadwork of some fabrics. 

RFID Technology

RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification. RFID tags are a building block technology that serves multiple purposes. First, RFID is used to identify and track items. Second, we can use RFID ticketing instead of swipe ticketing in innovative recreational parks. Third, RFID tags are much more efficient than bar codes and help in grocery stores, etc. Finally, the adequate performance of these tags demands special adhesives called RFID tape to stick them to the desired objects.

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