Unmissable Cultural Destinations in Qatar

Qatar is a nation famous for its extravagance. Being a rich oil economy, the little Gulf nation has seen incredible improvement as of late. From its opulent shopping centers to tall high rises, travelers go to the nation to see its variety and futuristic infrastructure.  The country has a rich history and legacy. From customary bazaar destinations to shocking exhibition halls, the rich Gulf nation has it all. 

Thus, let’s discuss some famous places you can visit if you are planning to visit the picturesque country.

Museum of Islamic Art, Doha

If you are keen on the early history of Islam, visit the engineering wonder — Museum of Islamic Art. Showing an astounding assortment of Islamic antiquities, the historical center is situated on an Island. At the point when you notice it from a distant place, it appears as though a structure is skimming in the water. 

Taken from around the globe, you will see a broad assortment of materials, pottery, glassworks, original copies and paintings. The Qatari government has placed heavy interest in the advancement of these galleries. The eminent planner, I. M. Pei was given the task to plan the architecture of the museum. 

In the event that you are visiting in the daytime, we would recommend you not to miss lunch at the Alain Ducasse, a feast set up on the building’s fifth floor. Remember the standards and guideline you need to hold fast to as Qatar is an Islamic nation. When you visit the place, ensure you have covered your body appropriately. 

Katara Cultural Village 

Another extraordinary cultural destination in the nation, Katara Cultural Village is a spot that is situated on the eastern shore of Qatar between The Pearl and West Bay. From distinctive back streets to a dazzling Greco-Roman amphitheater. Each edge of the fascination is loaded up with Qatar legacy. 

If you are fortunate, you will likewise discover artists performing along its back streets. The objective is home to a few producers and picture takers. Numerous occasions, shows and presentations, are additionally coordinated here. 

There are additionally little diners and rich cafés. Offering Middle Eastern cooking, these serve a broad menu. 

The ideal time to visit the spot is not long before sunset when it starts to come alive and the promenade gets pleasant. 

Sheik Faisal Bin Qassim Al Thani Museum 

Sheik Faisal receptacle Qassim Al Thani Museum is among the most intriguing galleries in the world. While the other museums in Qatar are known for their spectacular architecture, this place is known for its peculiar collection of things.

The historical center contains things which were collected by Sheikh himself during his life. While it is somewhat far away from the main city, the place is worth visiting. 

The presentation is parted into four different classes including vehicles, Islamic Art, Qatar Heritage and coins and cash. 

It is likewise known for showing a broad assortment of vintage vehicles and brilliant bicycles. You will likewise locate some customary relics which mirror the way of life of early Qataris. 

Al Jassasiya Rock Carvings 

Situated close to Al Shamal — Al Jassasiya Rock Carving is among the most mysterious historical places on the planet. Numerous archaeologists have attempted to decipher the carvings. Yet, it stays a secret for the world. 

It is somewhat concealed from the capital city. The social site will take around an hour to reach. Since the place is situated at a far-off spot, we would recommend you rent a 4×4 SUV which can bear the rough terrain conditions as you may need to drive on sand and rock. 

At the point when you visit Al Jassasiya Rock Carving, know about all the standards and guidelines. Nobody is permitted to take anything or to litter the spot. 

The National Museum of Qatar 

Another renowned gallery on the rundown is The National Museum of Qatar. Opened in 2019, it is much the same as the Museum of Islamic Art. And — the public authority has spent a lot of cash on the foundation of this gallery. 

The plan of the historical center resembles bent circles and is inspired by crystals and desert rose. It is huge with 1.5 km long exhibitions. Isolated into three sections, these are grouped into Beginnings, Life in Qatar and Building the Nation. 

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