Ultimate Guide to Online Event Streaming

If your job is related to streaming videos of any kind, you might be interested to know how to improve this to get the best out of online streaming. Those who work in education, marketing, social media, or have seminars and conferences nowadays have endless possibilities to make good videos. As a matter of fact, nowadays it is not even recommendable, but more or less mandatory to know at least some basics about it. To make quality video events, you need more things than just a camera and a youtube channel.

The pros of online event streaming

If you want your customers, audience, or business colleagues to have a better interaction with you, then online streaming is better than regular written correspondence. An increase in engagement can be very beneficial for your business. The fact that they are participating in the stream already means they want to be there and that the quality of the interaction is at a high level. You can still use the pre-recorded videos, but if you choose to live stream, you will be ahead of the competition, or at least you will be at the same level. Another advantage of the live stream is that it can be very cost-effective, practical, and not so time-consuming since you host the event and stream it at the same time. There is also no limit when it comes to attendants and no room or chairs that have to be reserved.

How to start a live stream video production

Although it is more spontaneous than pre-recorded streaming, live streaming still requires a lot of prep work and some pre-recording as well. Live stream video strategy includes some of the following things:

●     Your content strategy and the effects of your streaming on the value of it

●     Define your goals, whether you want to reach more audiences or to have a better engagement with them. Live event streaming can be a powerful tool to maximize your event revenue.

●     Content and consistency, what you will stream, and how often are some of the main questions of your strategy.

●     What will your target group be and how will you motivate them to participate in the video? The engagement between you and your audience is crucial, otherwise, it doesn’t make much sense to create videos like that.

●     What do you provide that others don’t? Add value to your videos by defining this.

●     Choose the distribution channels according to your audience preferences.

The equipment for event streaming

Like we mentioned, the preparation is crucial so let’s see what equipment for making event streams you need.

●     Solid Internet connection, minimum 2x the upload speed or 25 25 Mbps along with open ports 1935, 80, and 443 that can enable a flow of inbound and outbound traffic.

●     Ethernet to a dedicated network. This is not mandatory but it can be very useful since so many people will use the same stream, you might want to reduce bandwidth fluctuation.

●     Durable, flexible, and good quality camera and enough power source to support the stream all the time. If the power cuts only for a second, the stream will cut off. A good backup option is to have an uninterruptible power supply (UPS).

●     Sound accompanies the picture the best, so make sure you have the audio covered

●     The lightning (main light, fill light, and backlight)

●     Encoder (allows you to stream to be visible on the Internet) and switcher (switches between several cameras during the broadcast).

●     The cameraman and the producer for some simple interviews or a crew of producers and technicians for some more serious production. Make sure they all have enough space to operate on the site

●     Preparation and testing of all the equipment before the stream

How to increase the interaction with the audience

You can have a moderator that keeps everything under control, for example, they can make the audience’s complaints or suggestions reach you. Other than this, you can make live polls that will help their opinion pop-up and this way the creation of some future content will be easier for you. The same goes for some other forms and queries, like Q&A that can work both ways. If you sell something, social commerce is all about interaction and bonding with the customer. Make sure to keep the conversation alive as you´re streaming with the help of the chatbox that is perfect for the audience to interact between themselves, other than with you.

The options are various with modern technology, so don’t hesitate to use all the advantages of it because if you don’t, your competitors will do it for sure. Define your strategies based on your goals and get the proper equipment to achieve them. The circle you form with your customers or audience generally will become wider as time goes by and the quality of your interaction and bonding will increase as well. This is a powerful way of expanding your business.

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