Top 7 Tips To Extend The Lifespan Of Your Phone Battery

With a plethora of features and numerous apps installed, smartphone batteries often drain out faster than their featured backup. Thus, smartphone batteries with extended hours of backup are one of the primary concerns of users while purchasing a phone.

For example, you can opt for a 6000mAh battery smartphone to experience over 24 hours of interruption-free use. Nevertheless, irrespective of your budget, you can find a smartphone with such an extended battery performance.

Now, although buying a smartphone with extended battery support would significantly resolve your worries, the rest depends on how you use and tackle the device. There are various ways you can adopt to extend the lifespan your phone’s battery. Doing so becomes way more important because replacing lithium-ion batteries in a phone is not only challenging but also expensive. So, here are a few quick tips to help improve your phone’s battery performance and allow it to provide backup for more number of years.

Tips to extend the lifespan of a smartphone’s battery

Whether you purchase a 6000mAh battery smartphone or anyone with lower battery capacity, taking proper care can help extend its longevity. Take a look at the important tips which should help you extend a phone’s battery life:

1. Follow Manufacturer’s Charging Instructions

Try and avoid incomplete charging until and unless you are in a hurry. Charging your phone up till 100% and putting it on charge only it has been exhausted is the ideal way of charging manufacturers suggest for increasing battery life. Also, make sure not to put your phone on charge overnight.

2. Switch on the Battery Saver Mode

You need not wait for your battery to reach the low power to switch on the battery saver mode. It can be kept on for the entire day, helping the battery save power.

3. Use Wi-Fi Instead of Mobile Data Whenever Possible

Using internet via Wi-Fi requires much lesser data and power consumption when compared to a cellular connection. It is thus suggested that you try accessing the internet with Wi-Fi whenever available.

4. Know When to Turn on the Airplane Mode

Switching on the airplane mode when the battery is running low is a good idea. It immediately turns off apps and other features which might be draining the battery unnecessarily.

5. Lower The Screen Brightness

Try and use your phone on lower screen brightness. It helps save a good amount of battery power, allowing it in providing an extended backup.

6. Turn off Location Tracking Feature in Some Apps

Several apps in your phone, such as Google Maps, online cab-service apps, food-delivery apps, etc., might be using the location-tracking feature. Turning off location access for these apps will help your battery last longer.

7. Reduce Screen Time-out Span

Your screen might be utilising power even when you have kept it aside. It is because of a long screen time-out set in your device. Try and reduce the time set to save battery.

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