Top 5 Trends in the Sales Cycle According to CRM Consulting Software

COVID-19 has been around for a while since and sales teams have had time to adjust to the change. The new world order has also led to the emergence of new trends. Some of the patterns we have noticed from the CRM consulting data could alter the way we do business. Read on to see the top five sales trends.

Decrease in Check-ins

The sales meetings are happening over the phone or email since traveling unnecessarily has been discouraged. There were fewer check-ins and the map usage also went down significantly. This change has hit the field team hard because they no longer have the opportunity to drop in on their clients. It is not possible for every business to solely rely on video calls or IIA-CRMA Exam software consultants. People in real estate can only close deals on site and with the current situation, consumers prefer not to have physical interactions. Many customers are avoiding meetings even post-lockdown which has forced sales teams to rethink their strategies.

More Time for Data Entry

The pandemic has not led to a standstill in the economy and there are still meetings and deals taking place. The staff now has enough time to log in to their activity on the CRM consulting software. They are now catching up with the tasks that used to take back seats. There is an increase in the number of notes made against each customer profile. The boring work is no longer that when there is nothing else to do.

Calls over Emails

Communication is more versatile than other departments and the abundance of tools has meant no lags in that department. There are scalable and portable solutions that can help you keep a conversation going no matter what. The number of calls has gone up and served as a replacement for physical meetings. However, surprisingly we have seen a drop in email interactions as well. Although email is still a preferred mode of communication for official purposes, customers prefer the personal touch of a phone call. It is easier to chat over text or a quick call than go back and forth in an email thread.

Fewer Sales Approval Requests

Fewer Sales Approval Requests

With the new normal, the sales funnel has also been simplified. The sales team is closer to their manager and since the communication is taking place in real-time there is no need to log in requests before closing deals. In situations where the sales team is working remotely, they have the freedom to make decisions. There is a shortage of leads hence managers have allowed the sales team to be flexible. As long as they are bringing in new customers, they can use their judgment to make the right call.

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More Updates 

CRM software consultants have reported an increase in updates instead of new entries being made. This indicates a shift towards customer retention. Businesses are focusing on what they have instead of what they do not. They are working on the customer relationships in hopes that those will be enough to keep them afloat. 

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