Top 5 Free Classifieds Websites in the UAE to Promote Your Business

Free Classifieds Websites

The trend of classified advertisement is started a log before but the way of advertising is changing every day. It started on newspapers and now it’s available on the internet, even without investing a single penny, you can post a classifieds on different websites. On the other hand, nowadays’ time equals two money so, indeed, you don’t need to invest a penny to post an ad on a classifieds site but you are investing your time and to make it sure that you are giving your time to a right website, you should know which classified websites are more promising and can give you the maximum ROI.

Classified websites are country, states and even area-specific nowadays. Many countries are utilizing the power of free classifieds to promote their business and among them, UAE is on the top. 95% of people in the UAE use classifieds so, if you want to promote your business in the UAE then you should keep in mind that free classifieds of UAE can give you the maximum ROI. 

Here I will discuss the top 5 free classifieds of UAE which will give you the maximum ROI you are looking for. 

Top 5 Free Classifieds Websites in the UAE


If you want to discuss the leader of classifieds in the UAE then Dubizzle is the right name. It started its journey from 2005 and now it’s the leader of classified in the UAE. Almost every person in the UAE has a dubizzle account. The website has thousands of visitors every day and you can sell anything g from your used cars to properties. Also, you can promote your business here. Dubizzle has both paid and free services. So, you can use according to your needs. 

2. is a new name in the world of free classifieds in the UAE but it deserves the second place for many reasons. The website just crossed 1 year but it already has thousands of users every day. Here also you can buy and sell anything from cars to properties or used mobiles to toys. The most important thing about Bazinga is completely free. You don’t need to pay a single penny to promote your services or business. Thousands of visitors can give you the ROI you are looking for. So, if you are not using then use it. 


If you ever posted a classified ad on the internet then definitely you have heard the name Locanto. It’s the king of global classifieds but in the UAE, it’s holding the second position. It also has thousands of visitor every day but still, it’s on third because of less security on the website. Locanto does not verify user’s number so here a big of scammers. So, you can see a lot of spam ads on which is not good if you are looking for a service. But still, it has a lot of users so you can try it. 

4. Abentra

Abentra is not a new website but it’s taking time to progress. Recently they have launched on many other countries but the progress of Abentra is too slow. Here also you can sell anything and they also have paid or free services. So, you can try once to check the result. 


Uaeclass holds the fifth place. It’s also an old player in the world of free use classifieds. The website has a good number of visitors every day. Here also you can sell anything. The website is not many users friendly but as it’s a free service, so, you can invest your 10 minutes to check if there is any result or not. 

I hope the above list will help you to promote your business in the UAE but one thing you should keep In mind that if you are trying to use these websites from outside of the UAE then you should have a UAE mobile number to verify your account. 

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