Style Guide: 5 Tips on How to Pull-off a Timeless Look

In this generation, “trendy” has become more broad and experimental. Fashion statements from all past generations are being dug in while new ideas are continuously curated. We become more open-minded with both the quirk and weirdness of complementary and abstract pieces combined. Whether it is new or vintage, everyone is up for the challenge to be iconic.

One of the style dreams of many is to achieve a timeless look. Who would not want a wardrobe containing the best stuff that will go and stay alive for all time? That is why being able to reach timelessness is so beneficial. It will give you the freedom from worrying that what you are wearing now becomes outdated after a month. So if you are one of the many, then continue diving in this guide and let me help you perfect it. Start making this your checklist.

  1. Collect wearable fashion pieces for any outfit

Look at your closet. Ask yourself about how you wear these items. Sort the things that you love while you are comfortable wearing, then start there. The first thing you have to do is find the items that go with any outfit that you will wear. Are the accessories suited for all these outfits? Or is there at least one of them that you can wear to any of your owned tops and bottoms? If not, then you have an assignment to do now.

To pick out the best accessory, it has to be fashionable and functional. Watches are your best option because they are easy to style and you use them all the time. For every classic look, you must consider wearing a chic and elegant Rolex. This kind of timepiece does not only make the outfit eye-pleasing but also expensive and luxurious. These kinds of watches also last for a long time so you will be worry-free about them becoming tarnished and outdated. 

  1. Upgrade to a more harmonious and coordinated style

After sorting the things in your closet. Be ready to let go of the things that are not useful anymore. It allows you to have more space for wardrobe upgrades. Of course, you have to make sure that everything will add up. It’s not only about the quantity but also the quality. You should check if the items match each other. Do they have a good color scheme? Do the sizes help you in making your body more proportional?

When we say harmony, there is balance in having light, dark, and accent colors with what style you’re going for. It must also fit you well and help you highlight your assets. It must give you confidence. Then when you add other bits, it should create sense. You can say that the outfit looks put together, like a puzzle! But how does it add to the timelessness? Well, your coherent outfit equates to a classy look. And with that, your attire will always be easy to look at whenever and wherever you go.

  1. Stop keeping up with trends, start keeping it classy

As formerly stated, “trends” have become overrated in this timeline. So stop running for it. Stop and go back, take your time walking slowly along the fashion street. Do a thrilling hunt of finding classy and stylish pieces that you can add or become an inspiration. When you do not know where to start it is always good to have your reference so do not get lost. Like the universe and the ocean, fashion has become vast and ever-changing. In the long run, it will be tiring to keep up. It is much better to pursue something without all the pressure. Sticking with the classics is one good way to start because they are the root for every fruitful good look. Make sure it is classic, not basic!

So how will it help you get your dream style? Well, this is a staple. Being classy is necessary for all things so it is always going to be there. It’s like the red wine in fine dining.

  1. Be innovative and show growth with what you wear

But although you are building a timeless look you should not make it stagnant. It is important to build a strong foundation and look back to where you started but there should be growth. You must always spice it up with something new and innovate what you have. Remember that growth does not mean getting old. It means to bring something fresh. Elevating your style and getting on the next-level attire. It must not be tiring because you are not keeping up anymore. That is the key to unlocking and achieving timelessness.

  1. Invest in quality pieces

Finally, start investing in high-quality items. Try and find a brand that will assure you. Take Rolex watches as an example. The brand is an expert in crafting durable and elegant timepieces for the longest time. It is such a good accessory that will complete the style of your dreams. In terms of being timeless, their watches never stop peaking in their aesthetic and features. So it will provide you excellent style longevity. 

It is optional but recommended. Usually, these pieces cost a fortune but if you can wear it for a long time and it will still hold value, then it’s worth it. But when it comes to high-end, you can always find great deals out there. For reasonably priced watches, go to and see for yourself.


Building and owning a style is not being lavish and materialistic. People should understand that it is a craft, a profession, and a hobby. It’s never too late to do it because there is always a starting point for everything we want to achieve. Fortunately, you took your very first massive step now so do not stop!

Out of all the things that trended in the fashion industry, having a timeless look is genius. You can now show off a look that is a perfect capture. Even if the pictures fade, your style is one to stay and loved by generations. It will conquer time.

Karan Vasita

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