Some easy and un-breakable New Year Resolutions for this year

In every New Year, we make promises to ourselves, which are called our New Year resolutions. However, we hardly keep any of them until the end of the year. Some of us even break the promises within a month or so. It can be due to unavoidable circumstances, infeasibilities, or our own laziness. But anyhow, we always want to stay headstrong with our determination and when we keep ourselves strong till we achieve the result, it gives us a sense of containment and true happiness. If we keep our resolutions simple and easy, we may achieve the desired result soon. As we gradually acquire results with our determination, we become more inspired and this keeps us going forward to achieve more. However, this year was very different from all the others. But, we have understood the meaning of things that we have never realized before, such as good health, sanitization, immunity, humanity, and respecting and valuing our dear ones. There are a few tips for easy and achievable resolutions for this year:

I will get up 5 minutes earlier than yesterday:

Early to bed, early to rise” is one of the oldest quotes for a successful life. While it’s very good to wake up early, it can also be a burden for the whole day if you suddenly change your biological clock to get up before sunrise. So, don’t push yourself to wake up very early in the morning, rather set your alarm time 5 minutes earlier than today’s wake-up time. In this way, you can easily get up 5 minutes earlier but gradually, it can change your whole routine within a week or a month.  You can add exercise, meditation and many more other activities to your day which you previously couldn’t do because of your tight schedule. Try this and share your experience!

I will start every conversation with a smile

A smile is the solution to many problems. As we now seek a lot of positive energy, why don’t you start spreading it from yourself? Start a conversation with a smile, and you would definitely end up the discussion on a good note. Smile heals age-old wounds. If you have any grudges or complaints against someone, and you want to rebuild the relationship by discarding all the scars, then start a talk with them with a smile. You will surely have things on your side in a while.

I will take the lift from the first floor

Getting unwanted fats with an unhealthy lifestyle? Not in a mood for gymming? Start with a simple step. Don’t jump on to the final level of exercise, but just take a small step by climbing up just one floor in your office building or apartment. In this way, you will stay happy, healthy and fit. You might gradually take the staircase to reach your floor within a few weeks or a month. This will definitely give you confidence when you see a drop in your body weight.

I will take a cup of green tea/ healthy drink

If green tea can’t be put in your cup of “masala chai” or coffee, then try this one! Have a cup of green tea, turmeric milk or kadhaonly after you’re done with the coffee course of the day. These healthy drinks are highly beneficial for health. It may not taste very good at the beginning, but slowly you can take itinto habits and your coffee times may be replaced with healthy sips of one of these healthy sips.

I will be in touch with my friends and relatives

We have to admit this fact that we forget to give time to our near and dear ones as we keep occupied with our busy schedules. This resolution will surely bring your loved ones closer and make the relationships stronger. Even if you can’t visit them frequently, try talking to them on video and audio call. We also suggest that you can send them online gifts through MyFlowerApp.Com on special occasions.

I won’t forget to say thank you and sorry

Our identity and characters are defined by our moral behaviors and conduct towards people. The generosity of a person can’t be recognized in a while but some small gestures make us better from others. Saying “Thank You” and “Sorry” when required can be very much helpful in many situations. It is not a tough job but a very important mode of conduct. While you learn so, don’t forget to make it even more polite and beautiful as it can be done with an addition of online Thank You flowers or delivery of online Sorry flowers.

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