Smartest Ways For Proper Access To Private Healthcare

Are you aware that employee benefits are usually neglected in small businesses in the UK? But according to studies, private healthcare is extremely important for the overall well-being of the staff.

Many people believe that private healthcare is not affordable and having less than 10% of UK citizens using private health insurance, most of them are more than happy to use NHS healthcare which is either free or a percentage of the price.

The only problem is that the NHS brings with it long waiting lists and sometimes it might require a few weeks to get an appointment for your pain. 

Ways For Proper Access To Private Healthcare

There are some ways to get access to private care so that you can be seen quickly by the consultant of your choice.

1. Health cash plans

A health cash plan usually begins from as little as £6 each month and it works by taking the entire amount you spend and using 6 times the amount for your choice of coverage. It can be used for appointments and outpatient treatments such as – dentists, physiotherapists, and optometrists. Instead of waiting several weeks for a wisdom tooth or sore neck treatment, you may book privately and visit a specialist on the same day.  You begin by paying for the treatment, keeping the receipt, and then claiming back from the insurer. 

2. Group cover

You will come across group policies that enable you to pull together with your friends, family or colleagues. You can get a group discount and it is more efficient to pay for private healthcare. Several policies also include infants or children for free of charge.

3. Business health insurance

With different kinds of health insurance, all of them seem to provide specialist policies for the businesses. In case of companies, there are several benefits of offering health coverage to their employees. For example, a healthier workforce will certainly be a happier workforce. Getting quick access to treatment and missing those NHS queues means you will have to spend less time at appointments and thus, can be more productive at office. Staffs are likely to be loyal and stay longer with their employer when they get good perks and feel that the company has respect for them. Besides, there are tax breaks available for the companies that buy business healthcare that can make it a better investment.

If you do not have healthcare from work, it is worth getting one at the next appraisal or requesting it from your employer. If you can show how it will save you as well as the company’s money, there is a good business you can precede further.

4. Quit smoking and join a gym

Lastly, if you feel that private healthcare is very costly, then you can lessen the cost of your policy by quitting smoking and joining a gym. By following an improved and healthier lifestyle, it you can reduce your risk of disease and the insurer will probably reward you with a lower premium.

You may even consider paying a higher voluntary excess that can lessen the fees as you are willing to pay more bill amount when you need to make a claim. There are other benefits of comparing the costs with different insurers and knowing if you can get introductory offers for you and your family. You may consult with private doctors to know which private healthcare is suitable and affordable for your need.

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