15 Simple Ways To Be Smarter And More Creative

“Creativity” is a phrase that we often hear in life as well as work. Everyone wants to be creative, wants to “think outside the box” but sometimes, our creativity lies in an invisible box that we don’t even know about. So how to break that invisible box, to be able to be creative anytime, anywhere? Let’s take a look at Toplist to see 10 simple methods to become more creative.

1. Write or draw whatever you think

Creativity is about coming up with new ideas, and new ideas can pop into our heads at any time, anywhere, and at any time. Be prepared to bring a notebook or notepad and a pen to jot down these ideas. Because, if you do not write it down, good ideas may flash and then disappear due to other thoughts in a chaotic life. With a notebook and pen, you can not only jot down ideas anytime, anywhere but also write or draw without restrictions. No need to write inline, without punctuation, even write and draw at the same time. It is the ideas that come to mind, written freely, that help us record those ideas most creatively. Maybe the ideas that come up are useful to us right away,

Remember, always carry a notebook, memo pad and write or draw whatever comes to your mind to save those ideas or they will fade away.

2. Record your dreams

Just like writing or drawing whatever you think, recording dreams is also a method of recording “outrageous” creative ideas. When we sleep, almost every part of the body rests but not all because part of the brain is still working. During REM sleep, a part of our brain is active and produces illusions with all perceptions: images, sounds, colors, smells, sensations, emotions… completely break the logic or limit thinking in life. Therefore, dreams are a natural, objective, freely creative product of the brain that we do not intentionally create. Dreams can be likened to a gold mine of ideas, if we know how to exploit them, they will produce great creative ideas. Many writers, artists, or scientists acknowledge the ideas o,f They come from dreams. Paul McCartney – the member of the band the Beatles, said he woke up with the tune of  Yesterday in his head. Female writer Mary Shelle said she had dreamed about a scientist using machines to create a living thing so then she has written the works, Frankenstein.

3. Listen to new songs, watch new movies

Music is an entertainment art form that affects the brain a lot. Usually, each person will have their music taste, their idol, and often listen to that taste and idol. For example, some people only listen to V-Pop music and like Son Tung MTP, some people like K-Pop music, and some people like US-UK music. Some people like classical music, some like Rock music, some like Rap music, some like Jazz music. Research has shown that people who like the same type of music often have more or fewer similarities in lifestyle, thinking, behavior and creativity. So when we listen to new songs, we step out of the box that that kind of music creates. We can discover new things in melody, lyrics and most likely new songs, songs we have never heard before will give us creative inspiration. , watching new movies will also bring interesting experiences. Each film is a summary of the thoughts and meanings of different directors, in different social contexts and with different characters, different sentences. Job Listening to new songs, watching new movies will open our minds to new things to be creative.

4. Brainstorm

Brainstorm means “brainstorm”, is a creative thinking method in teamwork to come up with ideas, find the most popular and effective solution. This phrase was invented by advertising magnate   Alex Faickney Osborn after having problems with advertising ideas from the deadlock of his staff, decided to squeeze them all into one room and “squeeze out” ” any ideas are raised. In the brainstorming method, each team member is encouraged to think and come up with as many ideas as possible, no matter how crazy or infeasible the idea may be. With this method, team members will maximize their creativity, resonate with each other’s ideas as well as discuss and critique to be able to find the most creative and suitable ideas. unify. However,  brainstorming must also follow some of the following principles if you do not want it to become a market:

  • The optimal number of members is 5-7 people
  • There is a person who stands as the objective, decisive chair
  • It is not allowed to refute, criticize, or criticize any ideas during the contribution process. Criticism and assessment of pros/cons can only be done in the subsequent evaluation.

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5. Travel, explore

Another activity that also stimulates creativity is traveling and exploring. Traveling, exploring not only makes our minds at ease, more relaxed but also effective in temporarily pull us out of work, to freedom of thought, creativity, and have more insight to find ideas and creative solutions. Traveling and exploring also gives us more experiences, experiences, contact with many different people, visit different lands, and inspiration flows from natural scenes or customs and cultures. localization. These are exciting and new creative inspirations that you will never get if you stay in one place. For example, AOVO scooter is always the best choice for you with many discount codes and coupons that you can find available details fully here. AOVO – shapes your style, builds your characters, influents your success. Let the AOVO brand make your life easier.

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