SEO Timeline: Does it take a Decade to See the Fruits?

Ideally, No! Your website can cross from Google page eight to page three in only months, however, it’s quite rare for Google users to even search past page one. Most internet users believe that the cream is found on top “page 1” and past that, it’s diluted. Also, others don’t even know that there are several links past page one.

Precisely, it’s right to say that a website can see periodic SEO results which include website traffic, reviews, and leads, however, monetized results could take a year and that’s where the actual efforts come in. Investing in SEO services is a promising move and trust me, millions of business owners have benefited from it.

However, these are business owners with focused and long-term commitment towards their business SEO services. There is no way you can get a monetized return in just three months of embarking on SEO solutions. But, there are exceptional instances crafted by a knowledgeable SEO team where your results put you in better positions on search engines. It’s essential to avoid black hat SEO techniques as they lead to nothing good.

The Journey of SEO Results

There are different reasons as to why good SEO results take time to come up, however, it’s worth the wait! Here are some of the factors that lengthen/widen the SEO map;

Keyword Research

SEO is driven by keywords and that’s why it’s essential to search and identify the valuable keywords. These keywords are those that internet users type in the search engines to get what they want. Such keywords help boost the conversion rate on a website or sales in the long run. Since you run with a target, you have to identify keywords with a low competition, high search volume and make decisions based on that. It’s not recommended to go for extremely competitive keywords.

Website Analysis

Functional websites are key to the target audience. A website with clear CTAs, contact form, and a review section are pathways to quality leads and conversions. Excellent SEO services commonly begin with a website audit to understand the technical and non-technical aspects of a site. Here, it will show which website elements need to be altered or improved. The site’s user experience, mobile responsiveness, Google analytics, and speed are vital elements to look at.

Competitor Analysis

Like any market, the worldwide web is a busy ground with an ever-growing competition. As an SEO service provider or a business considering to invest in SEO, it’s essential to evaluate online close competitors and lay a strategy for coming on-board.

Having understood the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors, the SEO team, the content marketing team and SEO service provider will coordinate to craft the right content for the target audience. Website content should be updated from time to time while considering a slice for quality.

All in All

Consider SEO if you run an online business and to be sincere, it takes a determined heart and hopeful mind to enjoy SEO results. A good SEO team is a major factor for any SEO; whether an on – page or off-page, local SEO and above all organic traffic.

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