Pros And Cons Of Invisalign

Having crooked or crowded teeth is an issue for most people, and if your teeth give you concern, you can always straighten them with an orthodontic solution. There are various orthodontic solutions for adults and teens to straighten their teeth. One of them is Invisalign. 

Invisalign London involves fitting clear plastic aligners on the teeth to move them to their perfect position gradually. You change each set of aligners after every couple of weeks until the end of your treatment. Invisalign aligners are almost invisible, and more people prefer them for this reason. 

Invisalign is a convenient treatment option for most people, but just like other orthodontic solutions, it has its pros and cons. Before you get Invisalign, you should know all about them, so you know what to expect during your treatment. 

Pros of Invisalign 

Invisalign has several pros that make them a better option than traditional metal braces. They include:

1. Comfort 

Invisalign does not use metal wire and brackets to straighten the teeth, so they are more comfortable to wear. You do not have to deal with cuts in your mouth from the wires or unnecessary pain. Invisalign aligners are as smooth as mouth guards, and they do not irritate the mouth.  

2. More attractive 

Invisalign aligners are made from clear plastic materials, and they are barely noticeable when you wear them, unlike metal braces that leave the mouth looking unattractive. With your aligners, you can be confident to smile and interact with people without feeling self-conscious. 

3. Convenience 

Invisalign are very convenient as you do not have to deal with metal braces. Most people prefer Invisalign because of this. 

4. Removable 

You can remove your aligners to clean your teeth and eat. With aligners, you can eat anything without worrying about the food getting stuck between your teeth and the brackets, but you have to take out your aligners first. Invisalign treatment helps you maintain good oral hygiene which reduces the risk of developing gum diseases. 

5. Less maintenance 

Invisalign does not require much maintenance. The aligners may get cloudy over time, but with toothpaste or Invisalign cleaning solution, your aligners will look new. You can remove the stains on your aligners by scrubbing them gently with a toothbrush. 

6. Con of Invisalign 

Here are some disadvantages of Invisalign

1. Expensive 

Getting Invisalign is expensive, and some dental insurance plans do not cover it. Your Invisalign treatment may cost between £2600 – £6000. So you may want to rethink getting Invisalign if you do not have this amount of money. 

2. Attachments

Some people require attachments during their Invisalign treatment. Invisalign attachments are mostly tooth-coloured and fitted on a tooth to make it move to the right position faster. The attachments may make the aligners more noticeable. 

3. You have to wear the aligners for at least 22 hours every day

You need to wear your aligners for at least 22 hours every day for them to be effective. You can only take out your aligners to eat or clean your teeth so, if you have any special event like a date, you have to wear them. 

4. Discomfort 

Whenever you change your aligners to a new set, you may feel discomfort and pain. The pain results from the pressure the aligners exert on your teeth to move them to their perfect position. You can take a pain relief medication to help with the discomfort. 

5. Inconvenience 

The requirements during Invisalign treatment may be stressful for some people. Invisalign requires taking the aligners out before eating and brushing after the meal before re-inserting the aligners. 

Most people still find Invisalign a better option even with these downsides. Before you get any orthodontic solution for your crooked or misaligned teeth, you have to weigh all your options first. 

If Invisalign suits you, you can contact London Braces on 020 37457520 to book an appointment with our Orthodontist. 

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