Points To Keep In Mind While Traveling With iabetes

Travel buffs need not be discouraged by health that is shadowed by the ill effects of diabetes. Travelling is fun, and it can still be equally fun with diabetes as your companion only if you care to take certain precautions. Expertise in travel planning should extend to the precautionary health measures that are to be taken when you are diabetic. Thus, with all the excitement of tracking flight fares, pinning exotic destinations, and scoring deals on resort reservations, diabetes management needs to top the chart for travel preparations.

With a little pre-planning, your health will not suffer in any way during the bliss of your vacation. Some extra precautions need to be considered. Some subtle tips indicate safety measures to be owned while on vacation can beat the heat of diabetes-related discomfort.

There is hardly any adventure that a diabetic might be forbidden to enjoy or attempt. Starting from beach surfing to rock climbing, unlimited sightseeing to trekking, yachting to scuba diving — you can do all you wish or desire for. Here, certain useful suggestions help you achieve these languorous feats during travelling without being thwarted by diabetes.

Precautions during travel with diabetes

Some precautionary measures might be related to the number of days of travel or tour. The longer the duration of the vacation, the more cautious you need to be.

  • Get a check-up done from your doctor before travel – It is advisable to get your body check-up done before the trip. Carry the doctor’s prescriptions with you wherever you go. The prescription should contain your medication needs and correct dosage, and a fitness certificate to enable you to attempt any adventure activity you plan for during the trip. 
  • Get Medicine carrying clearance prior to boarding the airplane – Review the medicine carrying policies of the particular airline and call them before the travel date asking for special permission to keep your required medicines with you during travel. Carry the medicines neatly packed and labeled along with supporting prescription.
  • Carry healthy food and sugar candies with you – Hunger management for diabetics is very important. Snacking at regular intervals forms a mandatory habit for diabetics to prevent sudden sugar fall. It is always advisable to carry sugar pouches or candies for emergency conditions that can arise due to a sudden dip in blood glucose levels. Healthy snacking items such as mixed nuts and seeds, assorted dry fruits, and fresh fruits are good to carry.
  • Inform your fellow passengers about your diabetes – If you are acutely diabetic and foresee some complexity, it is advisable to inform about your diabetic condition to your fellow passengers to prevent sudden panic.  Carrying medical history documents and prescriptions and also instructions on how to deal with exigencies will help in such a scenario. This step is more important if you are traveling alone.
  • Store emergency contact numbers – It is always a good habit to store your emergency contact numbers in your cell phone and also in a hard copy somewhere in your wallet along with your travel documents.
  • Observe care while storing or carrying your diabetes supplies –Carry adequate medicinal supply to avoid the inconvenience of procuring the specific medicines in a foreign or remote location. If you’re confused about where to purchase all things from one place, then you can choose the online pharmacy through which you’ll get all medical items at a discounted price. Carry your insulin in a cool gel pack to prevent potency loss or damage. Labeling your medicines properly to avoid confusion, later on, is also important.

Exercise general discipline inhabits while in your tour 

  • Consume measured carbs and calories – Do not under-eat or overeat during your travel stay. Calorie counting your meals is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle while traveling if you are a diabetes patient.
  • Carry a glucometer or a blood glucose monitor – Carrying a blood sugar testing machine with you will ensure that you check your blood glucose levels more often and regularly. This will also keep a check on your eating habits and calorie consumption.
  • Practice caution regarding food allergies or medicine allergies – In case you are allergic to some food, medicine or anything else, it is advisable that you inform your flight attendants and hotel about those before checking in. This will prevent future complications.

Take care of yourself. Enjoy the travel. Do not tire or exhaust yourself more than your body can bear. Explore the world in a carefree manner and be happy. Let not diabetes affect your travel plans ever.

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