Outperform Block Your Competitors By Launching An Entertaining Fantasy Football App

Hey! This blog will be ideal for your business if you are looking to launch a fantasy football application. Out of the numerous sports, football has its audience base for over decades, and the same will continue in the future. This irresistible fan base is more than enough to direct users towards your fantasy football application and drive ROI. The utter benefit of the app lies in the fact that you can customize the app’s features to attract the user. Approach a fantasy football service provider who provides customizing options. With the same flow, let us dive in to know more about different features added to the app.

Stages in operating the application- the user version

Step 1- The user has to provide details that are required to complete the login step.

Step 2- The user will view the upcoming matches and select matches according to his/her preferences.

Step 3- The user will create the team by adding players based on their past performances.

Step 4- Once the team commences the match, the user will keep track of the scores.

Step 5- If the user has the highest score, wins the match, then he/she will be rewarded with points.

Step 6- As a final step, the user will rate the app according to his/her user experience.

Basic features of the app that will stand a chance to increase your user’s interests attractiveness.

The user app:

Registration- The user has one step to complete before using the app. The step is to complete the registration process. The user can skip the registration by logging in using his/her social media login credentials.

Dashboard- The user can change his/her profile details, view the list of upcoming matches, etc., from the dashboard.

Browse matches- The user can browse the matches he/she wants to play from the list of available matches. Besides, the user can cut short the searching process by using filter options like location, type of match, etc.

Player information- The user can shortlist the players for his/her team by viewing the player details like performance rate, achievements, matches won, etc.

Create matches– The user can create multiple matches by assigning the players, captain, vice-captain, team size, entry fee, etc.

Join contests- In addition to creating matches, the user can join contests created by other users.

Referral system– The user can invite others to the app via the referral system. First, the user has to send the invite link to friends/family members. If they join the app via the invite link, the user gets the referral bonus.

Push notifications– Notify users with the upcoming details of matches and other updates via push notifications. 

The admin panel:

Admin dashboard– The admin will handle all the activities in the app via a unified dashboard. Activities include validating users’ profiles, scheduling matches, verifying payments, etc.

User management- The admin will verify the user’s profile and access all the user details. Also, the admin has the power to block any user if they are found to indulge in mischievous activities.

Consolidated revenue- The admin can view the total income earned from different monetization methods like entry fees, advertisement fees, etc.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) – The CRM software helps to scrutinize all user activities. With CRM, the admin can know what users are looking for in the app. 

Advanced features are the one which makes the application a win-win

Match highlights– Even though one watches the full match, nothing can be more exciting to watch the match highlights. Yes, the app enables the user to watch the match highlights.

Live scores- The user can view the match scores from the app itself. Displaying live scores will inflate the user’s excitement that is directly proportional to more engagement.

Leaderboards- The leaderboard will display the names of users whose performance rate is ahead of other users. Displaying the names of users on the leaderboard is a constant source of encouragement.

Featured articles- Include featured articles on football in the knowledge base section of the app. The user will indeed show enthusiasm for reading those articles. This is one of the ways to keep your users hooked up to your app.


We hope that this blog on football app development is as exciting as the football game itself. Approach a service provider who extends to provide fantasy football app development  solutions.

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