Must-Have Features To Integrate With Your Tinder Clone To Increase User Engagement

With the advancement of technology, there have been updates and modernization in various walks of life. There are applications for almost everything and the rise of on-demand service providers has made people completely reliant on these convenient services. One such rather peculiar but successful venture was dating apps like Tinder. 

Who would have thought that meeting a stranger online and dating them could actually lead to happily ever after? Apparently, that’s what the developers of the app did think was possible. The application that launched in 2012 worked on a simple concept. Users can use the app and anonymously swipe right or left on the app based on a small bio, pictures, and common interests. 

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By 2014, Tinder had registered 1 billion swipes per day. The dating app currently has over 6 million paying subscribers and in the past year, Tinder has made a revenue of $1.6 billion, thanks to a lonely and hopeless population. 

The stance or opinion towards dating apps has changed a lot and we’ve got numbers to prove that.  

  • There are over 40 million Americans who use dating apps on a regular basis. 
  • More than 27% of young adults reportedly only use dating apps to spice up their social lives.
  • The number of 55 to 65 years olds using dating apps has doubled from 6% to 12%
  • Tinder’s competitor app Bumble has over 5.03 million US mobile users.

Although in some countries dating apps (and those who use them) are frowned upon, the trend has still lived on in others, especially places like the US, UK, and Brazil. 

From all this data, it is clear that developing and launching a robust dating app is sure to be an advantageous business venture. All you need to figure out as the business owner is a unique idea, a niche in the dating apps market, and then proceed to the dating app development process for your very own Tinder clone

In this post, I will discuss with you the features you need to integrate with your app, how you as the app owner can make money out of it, and the cost involved in building your Tinder app. Let’s go.

Impressive features to integrate with your Clone app

1. Social media login

Instead of going for the usually long and dreary login process, opt for a simple and quick social media integration login process. This will ensure the user has a positive start with your app. A phone number and E-mail address sign-up route can be added too.

2. Profile creation

Since it is the user’s profile that the potential match will be viewed first, a creative and detailed profile creation process can be developed. The users will need to type in their names, DOB, interests, pictures, and a brief description so that other users will get an idea of what they’re getting themselves into.

Users can also add their past dating experiences as a preface for potential partners to read.

3. Face detection

This interesting feature lets users see the actual real face of the other person. This is vital since a lot of people use pictures that are not really themselves. So it protects against frauds and scammers. 

4. Virtual gifts

This is an amusing feature that will come in handy for a lot of users. They can send and receive virtual gifts to each other through the app. These gifts can be updated frequently so the users have several options to choose from.

5. Geolocation 

With this feature, users will be able to match with other users within the geographical area. Another interesting feature that tinder uses is matching users based on the places they often visit like cafes, restaurants, bars, etc. This can be integrated with the app too.

6. In-app messaging and questions

This feature lets users who have been matched send messages to each other via the app. The in-app questions feature will let users answer a bunch of questions which will help the app match partners accurately. 

7. Filters 

With this option, users can set filters on their ideal partner search. These filters include age, location, interests, and other information.

Revenue Models in the Tinder Clone

As a business, the prime reason for investing in a dating app is to make some money yourself. And the Tinder Clone comes prepared with a revenue flow that ensures a steady stream of income. Have a look at these revenue models.

1. Subscription Fees

Users can subscribe to a premium version of the tinder clone by paying a set amount to avail of those services for a week, month, or year. They will be given extra benefits like and special features which will make the money spent worthwhile.

2. Advertising

This is the easiest form of money-making where you, as the Tinder app owner, can let other companies place their advertisements on your app in strategic places for viewer visibility. The third-party companies can pay an amount to you and this fee can increase as the popularity of your app increases.

3. Virtual Gifts

As discussed earlier, users can send and receive virtual gifts from each other. But it comes at a price. They can purchase the gifts using multiple payment methods integrated with the app and appease broken promises and hearts.

With this information, I’m certain that you can launch an impressive and highly functional app that will not only keep the users invested but also stand as a perpetual flow of revenue. All you now need to do is find the right dating app development company to build an app or invest in a clone script and develop your unique app from there. Begin soon, many individuals are still waiting to meet their perfect match!

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