Leverage your Business by Building an Intuitive App like Tinder. Built at a Pocket-friendly Budget

The advancement in technology made everything possible. Mobile phones have impacted people and majorly in all businesses, and it takes a front seat in everyone’s lives. Knowingly or unknowingly, people prefer to use a mobile phone and depend on it for even doing small tasks. Be it alarms, sending messages, listening to music, watching videos, checking emails, news, etc. Whatever the task is, it is done by using mobile phones. 

Hence, there exists a mobile app for all services. Since people already spend most of their time on mobile phones, these apps’ usage skyrockets the limit. In the same way, we will build an app like Tinder, a mobile app for dating, which has a huge demand among the younger generation.

The purpose of developing apps is to fulfill the end user’s needs. Such that, their long term desire is fulfilled when you develop a high-quality app for dating.

Let’s dive deep into the mandatory features, and functionalities, etc., to have in your app that helps not just to have an app like other dating apps for namesake but also disrupt the industry by incorporating your valuable business ideas with the trusted clone script provider company. Here, we will give you a brief idea of what a clone script provider offers that enhances your app enticing massive users and helps you sustain and establish itself in the market firmly.

Statistic Reports

Tinder app is available in more than 40 languages and is spread over 190 countries. Within a short period of time, the app reached users worldwide and still generates a tremendous amount of money with a simple yet effective idea.

  • It is estimated to have around 50 million people use Tinder worldwide.
  • As of Q4 2019, MatchGroup estimated an average of 5.9 million Tinder subscribers who pay for a premium Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold.
  • It processes more than 1 billion swipes per day by late 2014; it has risen to 1.6 billion by now.
  • More than one million Tinder users go on a date per week.
  • Since its launch, over 20 billion matches have been made.
  • Tinder’s parent company, Match Group, reported that the app generated $444 million of revenue in Q3 2018.
  • The parent app, Match Group, market capitalization is $18.6 billion as of late March 2020.
  • The net worth of the Tinder app is estimated to be $10 billion.

Key features to include in the Dating App like Tinder

Photo Upload

The mobile dating app like Tinder allows users to upload photos and to share images with the match.


This outstanding feature is included in the clone app enabling communication to the next level by providing a pleasant experience by offering engaging face-to-face conversations.


This feature enables users to find their match easily and can start conversing instantly.

Integrating with Social Media

The app provides a seamless experience to users by incorporating it with various social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Private Chat

After finding the match, the app allows users to send messages privately with an in-app messaging feature.

Virtual Gifts

This remarkable feature enables users to express their feelings by sending and exchanging virtual gifts, GIFs, and stickers.

Now, we will see the features to add in the user app and the admin side.

User App Features


The users can log in either by registering their details or logging in via their active social media sites.

Notification alerts

The app is built that helps users be notified of all the updates and discounts. This feature helps them get real-time notifications about their match requests and messages.

Sending request

This feature in the app facilitates users to send requests to the match.

In-app navigation

This feature majorly helps users to find the location of their matched partner.

Who viewed my profile?

This interesting feature informs users about the persons who viewed their profile.


This enables users to have an attractive profile that helps their requests to be accepted easily.


The dating app clone script is built in a way that ensures your users readily report or block the person in case of any misconduct.

In-app chat

For matched persons, private texting is enabled via this feature.

Feedback column

The app permits users to give their opinions and express their views through this feature.

Admin Panel app Features

Content Management

The clone app is developed to facilitate the admin to eliminate unsolicited messages and moderate abusive content in the app.

Membership Management

It enables the admin to manage members in the app.

Revenue tracking

This feature facilitates the admin to track their revenue and the overall app performance.

Ad Management

The major source of income for a dating app like Tinder is  advertisement. Admin manages all the ads showcased on the app.

Page Management

This allows the admin to publish any schemes, packages through managing the pages.

Access Management

Admin has complete control to give access to features to their app users. 

How to monetize your app?

There are several business models you can consider before developing an app that helps your business earn money.

Subscription package

Few apps provide a free trial for users to use the app for a given period of time. Once the period gets over, users can access the app only after paying the subscription fee to continue its usage. This is a great source of income for the app to generate a consistent income monthly/yearly.

Tinder launched Tinder Plus for users that encompasses additional features and enables users to view the people who have swiped right on their profile.

Through Ads

Since Tinder like apps will have a massive audience, advertisers pay a good amount of money to showcase and promote their ads on the app to reach a global audience. Eventually, your app generates revenue consistently.

In-app purchases

To access certain emojis, virtual gifts, stickers, etc., payment should be made.  It can be done by using multiple payment gateways available in the app.

Premium plans

When building an app like Tinder, ensure to keep certain special features locked. Allow your users to access and can be unlocked only after paying a required amount.

Now, you have some idea about what it takes to develop an app that works just like Tinder and also the different ways you can make money off of your app. 

How much would it cost you before you start making profits on your app?

Development cost to build an app like Tinder

The development cost varies based on various factors. All business requirements vary, so does the cost. The cost affecting factors include

  • Development team size.
  • Depending on the features, operations, and other changes included in the app.
  • By making it available across all platforms like Android, iOS, etc.
  • The price changes are based on the backend and API development costs.
  • When you incorporate your app with third-party integrations.

Charging for each individual costs you a lot. But, when you choose to develop your app by approaching a well-known and a leading clone script provider, then it might come around $1,999, which is a one-time investment but offering you a redundant money generation by taking the money you invested. Because the app developed with the company helps your business generate more income than what you invested.

Summing Up, Thus, building a Tinder clone helps gain more users with its intuitive UI and a high-quality app that helps your business grow exponentially. It also benefits your app by being used by users consistently and generating a sustainable income for the long run.

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