Is Tea Good for Diabetic Patients

Tea Good for Diabetic

Tea is popular throughout the world and there are many varieties of tea. All are different and offer various health benefits. 

Teas may reduce inflammation, control the flow of the blood in the veins, and enhance insulin sensitivity. In simple words, various teas are beneficial for diabetes management.

In this article, we will discuss the benefits of tea and how it is effective for diabetes.

How Tea Controls Diabetes

There are many beverages such as bone broth, milk, fresh juices, that are popular but tea is one of the tops. It is being consumed throughout the world.

There are various types of tea including black, oolong, green, chamomile, and peppermint tea. All types of tea fall into two categories, true tea, and herbal tea. Both are beneficial for health and some have properties to control diabetes.

Tight blood sugar regulation is critical for the diabetic patient. They try to consume foods that are good to optimize blood sugar. This is the key to control diabetes.

Unsweetened tea and other low-calorie or calorie-free beverages are a great way to optimize diabetic control. Some teas also contain compounds that are effective to reduce inflammation and prevent other chronic symptoms.

Tea is also a great way to keep the body hydrated to keep high blood sugar levels in control.

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Various Types of Tea

As discussed before, there are many types of tea. Tea has anti-inflammatory effects. In this article, we will discuss some benefits of tea.

1. Green Tea

Green tea is beneficial for health in many ways. Especially it is effective for weight loss and diabetes. It can optimize blood sugar control, decrease inflammation, aid weight loss, and reduce cellular damage.

2. Black Tea

Black tea contains thearubigins and theaflavins both these compounds are anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.

3. Hibiscus Tea

Sour tea or hibiscus tea is a brightly colored tea that is made from Hibiscus sabdariffa plant.

They contain polyphenol antioxidants. The brighter color of hibiscus is due to polyphenol antioxidants.

This tea can reduce inflammation and lower blood pressure.

4. Cinnamon Tea

It contains anti-diabetic properties. It contains many health benefits. It is also effective in reducing glucose levels.

5. Turmeric Tea

It contains powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It can lower blood sugar levels as it contains curcumin that is an important component.

6. Lemon Balm Tea

Lemon balm is from the  It is one of the most famous teas that is enjoyed almost in the whole world.

It can reduce blood sugar levels and blood pressure.

7. Chamomile Tea

It promotes healthy blood sugar regulation. Chamomile tea is also effective against oxidative stress. It can also increase antioxidant levels in the body.

Risks Involved

As discussed briefly, teas are good for health and especially beneficial for diabetic patients. But tea should be consumed in a way so it can promote blood sugar levels. Too much consumption can harm your health.

Sugar is not good for health it can increase cholesterol levels in your body and resist insulin. Don’t sweeten your tea with sugar or honey. Unsweetened tea is beneficial for you if you are diabetic patients otherwise it will lose its beneficial effects.

Because sugar and other flavors to sweeten tea can lead to adverse health effects. They can increase blood sugar levels, increase weight, and increase blood pressure as well.

If unflavoured tea is not attracting you or you are getting trouble in drinking it, a squeeze of lemon can change the taste.

Everything is good about them, but if you are a diabetic patient, consult your doctor before adding tea in your diet.


Tea is good for your overall health but certain teas are effective for diabetic patients. They can reduce blood sugar levels, control blood pressure, and boosts insulin activity.

Green tea, lemon balm tea, black tea, green tea, hibiscus tea, chamomile tea, and cinnamon tea are effective to control blood sugar levels.

These teas are anti-inflammatory and contain antioxidant effects. But the main thing to keep in mind is to drink unsweetened tea. Sugar or other sweetening flavors will diminish the benefits of the tea.

But if you are a diabetic patient and thinking to control diabetes with the beneficial effects of tea consult your doctor first. For more blogs related to food and health visit the best food blogs.

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