Is IVF Successful the First Time?

Well, the answer to the above question is somehow dicey! Not just IVF, if we will talk about the success rate of any of the fertility treatments, the surety of achieving success at the first cycle is less. Best fertility clinics never assure the couple to get a positive outcome by the IVF. IVF – no doubt being the best fertility solution to attain a baby, has been a boon for so many childless couples. However, there are numerous couples, who are in the complicated case of their infertility, choosing the donor procedure with IVF or advanced IVF treatment, get a successful result during the first cycle only. While there are some cases of infertility, where the couple has to undergo the second IVF or maybe third IVF to have a positive pregnancy test. 

Since different individual has different reproductive system, some might have the best quality of the eggs, while others may not have; few get the issue in the procedure of implantation because of unhealthy uterus or poor embryo quality; and so on. On the basis of these reasons, IVF result also varies. 

There are some components that decide the actual success rate of an IVF during the cycle and these are – 

  • The quality of the eggs that have been used for fertilization 
  • The motility of the sperm 
  • The quality of the embryo (that has been made after the fertilization)
  • The couple’s age 
  • The success rate of the IVF clinic, and 
  • The experience of the fertility specialist (who is performing the IVF)

If the AMH level of the woman is more than average, and health of the uterus is sound, then the success rate of IVF using self-eggs is decent. If the couple wants to go with the donor procedure (or has been recommended for an IVF with donor egg/sperm or embryo) then the success rate goes high. 

Variables deciding the chances of accomplishment in IVF treatment 

The following are a few figures that guide deciding if IVF treatment is a reasonable alternative for you or not. 

1. Any past medical history – 

The fertility experts will carefully assess the couple’s past medical/fertility history to check whether there is probability of you accomplishing the pregnancy whether by utilizing the basic or advanced method of an ART. The couple’s medical history will significantly help in surveying whether you have encountered pregnancy in your life, odds of a premature delivery occurring, and so forth. On the off chance that you are at a danger of an unsuccessful labor or some other infectious issue, at that point the infertility doctor will give the couple a suitable treatment by making acclimation to the course of the treatment and making certain high odds of accomplishment. 

2. The seriousness of the couple’s infertility– 

The degree to which the couple’s fertility or reproductive framework doesn’t work appropriately is the best affecting element in deciding positive result in their IVF treatment. If the issue behind the infertility of the couple is not that complex or advanced, at that point the patient may require not going through an IVF treatment as fundamental infertility treatment, for example, IUI, fertility drugs and other hormonal treatments may help in encouraging the ideal outcomes. In any case, utilization of IVF treatment is required if the minor medicines fizzled at creating the ideal outcomes. Now and again a patient needs to take the course of more than one IVF cycle if the issue of infertility is excessively extreme. 

Those who get failure of their first IVF cycle need not to worry and depressed. IVF success rate cannot be predicted because of certain reasons. Hence choosing for the second IVF cycle is wise from the best IVF clinic. 

3. Age of the patient – 

Age is a critical determiner with regards to achievement in the IVF treatment. A lady’s capacity to create sound and healthy eggs lessens with the expansion in her age. For example, a lady old enough 25 has a more advantageous part of eggs than a lady over the age 35 or 40. As the age of the woman increases, the quality of the eggs starts to go down. This decreased fertility helps in reducing the odds of achievement in an IVF treatment. Less eggs and low-quality nature of eggs adversely sway the odds of accomplishment in an IVF treatment. 

That’s the reason, why some couples after receiving the negative outcome by the IVF for the first cycle gets recommended by their fertility expert to go for IVF with donor eggs. Donor egg is always considered when the woman has low-quality of the eggs or have had failure of IVF (using self-eggs) in the first cycle. 

4. Ordinary propensities – 

Regular timetable and the routine that a person is acquainted with by and large goes far in deciding the odds of accomplishment in an IVF treatment. It is smarter to stay away from liquor, smoke and drugs, if you really wish to get accomplishment in your IVF procedure. 

Individuals who drink or smoke are at the more serious danger of a disappointment occurring in your IVF treatment than the individuals who don’t. Additionally, the overweight or podgy lady likewise thinks that it’s hard to get pregnant so it is fundamental to keep up a solid weight.

Men who smoke daily, have far less motile and active sperm compared with the other males, who barely smoke. Hence it is advised to be on the balanced routine especially when you are planning for a baby.

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