How To Update A Profile In LinkedIn To Stand Out In 2021 For Recruiters?

LinkedIn is easily the world’s largest professional network with more than 600 million members worldwide. LinkedIn has become a job essential.

 It has grown to be the largest professional network in the world with new members signing every two seconds.

Thus, you will want to develop a strong presence on LinkedIn if you want to make a good start in your career.

You need an optimized and improve LinkedIn Profile strength to have a good  ranking and if you are serious about your career and development. Your profile on LinkedIn is your opportunity to get your names and faces in front of professionals in your industry. 

You need a good LinkedIn profile that draws attention, tells you the right things, and really helps you connect with those who can help your career expand. 

This is the best way,  to draw the attention of the largest and best company recruiters in your sector.

11 Professional Way To Update A Profile In LinkedIn

Here are some major tips for helping to enhance your LinkedIn profile:

1. Add Your Headshot

 The simplest way to enhance your LinkedIn profile is to add a profile picture that is a  good and professional one. Be creative and welcoming to make a good impression among people who visit your website.

Profiles without a picture are easily tossed aside by most of people. So make sure you have the best headshot for your Linkedin profile

2. Attention-Grabbing Headlines

Creating a professional headline is what encourages people to click on your profile and it is like introducing yourself on linkedin

Your headline is right beneath your name on your LinkedIn profile and will be the first thing people who visit your page will read and helps learn about you.

It is perfectly appropriate to have a headline that highlights your current employment, you should also be inventive. 

If you have an achievement that you would like to highlight? Or list the keywords that will appear in a search This could be the right place.

Although, ensure that the headline says who you are and shows that you are open to job opportunities. Keep it simple and straight.

3. Write a Nice Summary

A summary is one of the important sections to build your profile.

LinkedIn is basically a digital form of your resume but it is rather more beneficial than a resume. You have the ability to showcase more than your skills &achievements. 

Describe why you are passionate about your job, explain your current work, what you did in the past, your best accomplishments, skills, etc. write it in short paragraphs or bulletins to keep it clear and simple. keep in mind to use keywords as they make perfect profile.

4. Highlight Your Experience and Skills

Highlight your experience by explaining what you did in your previous job, the role you played, and the results you achieved.

You may also link courses and projects to relevant jobs and ask employers, colleagues, or customers for recommendations, and also include related media on LinkedIn.

Add a minimum of five skills to increase the odds ofyour profile being viewed. Showcase your top three skills by adding resources from your connections.

5. Use Visual Media

Adding media to your profile can distinguish your profile from others and increase the number of visitors.

LinkedIn provides the opportunity to attach media to your profile. Add photos, videos, or articles related to your industry.

It enables your imagination to be demonstrated.

6. How to Customize the LinkedIn URL

Your URL is what will be attached to your resume which recruiters use to assess your LinkedIn profile. 

LinkedIn assigns a default URL consisting of Your name and some numbers when you sign up.

Well, you can make it more relevant by customizing your LinkedIn profile link.

 You can see the option to edit your default URL on the right side of your profile. Use this option to make your URL more precise and simpler. 

Add your degree, place, or industry if you think your own name is quite common this will make your URL very memorable.

7. Try to MakeMore Connections

Making connections on LinkedIn is very important to widen your network.

Building connections help you get noticed by others leading to new opportunities and acquaintance.

8. Use Professional Photo

A Linkedin profile photo is more likely to be viewed rather than the one without it, this is an excellent way to get a strong first impression

Remember that LinkedIn is a professional networking site so do not use pictures of your Snapchat filters or pets orshoot yourself while dining out. 

Pick a simple, friendly, professional picture, to stand out for recruiters; the right picture will help you get more views of your profile. 

9. Join Groups and Show Your Writing Ability

You can also access groups on LinkedIn. Whatever your professional may be, there are numerous groups from finance to marketing talking about their interest. 

Join some of them and communicate within that group. 

It’s a perfect place to meet, exchange thoughts and acquaint new people.

10. Remove Buzz Words

Words like creative, Efficient, systematic, etc are some of the old words which are used regularly by people on LinkedIn.  

Buzz words always do not work, it is better to get down and be creative rather than using the regular buzz words.

11. StayActive and Updated

LinkedIn is more than just an online profile or an attachment to a resume. 

It is an amazing social networking site that can fetch you job opportunities, meet professionals, etc. You need to stay involved to get the best out of it. 

Keep your profile active as much as possible,check out what other people are writing, engage them with insightful remarks, and like and share quality contentposts that seem as helpful to youon your LinkedIn profile.

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