How to remove lace front wig safely?

Lace front wigs are essential, thanks to the existence of lace that naturally imitates the scalp to make it invisible. The front lace wig sticks to the scalp naturally and perfectly. Once you have installed the front lace wig, you have to take it off as well. So in this article, you will know how to take off lace front wig properly and safely.

Steps and tip to take off lace front wig

Here are some specific tips to remove your lace front wig without hurting your scalp and damaging the edges of the wig.

  1. Preparation

To prevent any damage to the wig, you need to prepare the following equipment and all related tools in advance.

Hot Water: With hot water, you can remove the glue without an irritating or unnatural reaction to the skin.

Lace front solvent: A solvent is available for wigs to soften the adhesives. The solvent helps loosen the glue and reduce the chances of any damage to the wig.

Cream or emollient: After removing the wig, the cream or lotion is required to apply on your forehead and head to soothe the skin.

A small brush or makeup applicator: It will be used to apply solvent on the front or back hairline.

  • Tie your hair

To clearly see the lace and prevent any degreaser from touching wig hair, tie your front lace wig or full lace wig.

  • Skin Test

Before directly applying adhesive or solvent, you must test your skin sensitivity to the adhesive. Test the solvent by applying a small amount of solvent inside the wrist and cover it with a wrap for 24 to 48 hours to see any reaction appears.

  • Apply solvent to loosen the glue

To loosen the front lace wig glue, you need to apply a solvent to remove the wig safely. Here are methods to remove the wig glue.

Use a solvent for front lace wigs.

It is the fastest way to loosen the adhesive, so spray or apply the solvent to the glue area on the forehead. Slowly massage with your fingers, or you can use cotton swabs. With special solvent, you can remove the wig efficiently and quickly, but you have to bear extra expenses for solvent.

Use warm water mixture

It is the gentlest method to remove the wig. Mix little soda or salt in warm water and pour this mixture into a spray bottle. Now spray it on the edge of the hair. After spray, put a shower cap and let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes. After that, remove the front lace wig.

Use alcohol or acetone

It is the most common method where you can use a spray bottle to spray alcohol on the edges of the hairline. If you don’t have spray bottle readily available, you can use a cotton ball to apply alcohol on the edges. After that, put on a shower cap, let it sit for 5 to 10 minutes, and try to remove the wig gently to avoid any damage.

  • Remove the lace front wig

Try to pull the wig gently with your fingers when you feel that the front lace wig is loosened enough to pull. Gently peel the lace from your skin to prevent any tearing of lace.

  • Remove the glue and wash the wig

After taking off the wig from your head, remove the excess glue with acetone and gently wash your wig.

  • Wash your face

After removing the wig and removing all the glue, you can wash your face with soap and water. If you still have glue on your face, you can use olive oil to soften the glue.

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