How to Keep Elementary School Student Focused

Like adults, children also often struggle to focus in classrooms. Sometimes when you give them a difficult task, they give up even before trying.

If there is a concept that they cannot absorb, they will find something else of their interest. For an elementary school tutor, getting your student’s attention and focus can be quite challenging.

There are many ways you can try to get students’ attention and focus. As we know, elementary school tutoring is a crucial phase in a child life as he is making the basics of his career. So, we will list down some strategies that might help you to improve children focus and performance.

Physical Activities:

Children tend to lose focus during class is because of the boredom they feel. They can perform better if they are given breaks for some physical activity. You can include some physical activities such as bouncing on a ball, quick jumping, or stretching can help. Before any challenging task, if you allow them to play for 15 minutes, it will help children stay more engaged and focused during the lesson.

Break tasks:

Every student has a different memory and different tendency to learn things on the go. There might be some students for whom it is tough to stay focused for a long time. Breaking up a task into chunks can help them better understand things. This way, children suffering from attention issue may perform task faster than if they try to finish in one sitting. 

If you feel that students fail to stay on their task despite your all tries, give them a break.

Let them have a little chit chat with each other or conduct any engaging activity. It will refresh students minds, and they will be able to catch the concepts quickly.

Rate the Task:

Sometimes, as an elementary school teacher, you may notice that a child is constantly trying to avoid a task. No matter how hard he tries, he feels distracted and unhappy. Ask that child to rate that task out of 10. If he indicates the level of challenge to be more than 8, ask him what you do to make it easy for him. Sometimes, children can give their best ideas on how to deal with difficulty and then, you will be able to make it easy for them by decreasing their frustration.

Memory games help:

Memory is something that can help improving focus. Play games that involve memory. This way, they will be able to concentrate when a challenging task comes their way. You can add such games that involve memory in everyday activities.


To get a good result out of your students, you should try to pay attention to each student individually. Ask them what they think about challenges and what you can do to make things easy for them. By doing this, they would be able to communicate, and tell everything that distracts them but, it will also build a healthy relationship among teacher and students.

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