How Terrarium Team Building in Singapore is Helping Promote Teamwork

Numerous corporations these days rely on team building activities to promote cohesiveness among the staff members and increase productivity. For the purpose of team building, many activities are available such as Scavenger Hunt, paintballing, terrarium building, etc. While all these activities have their own pros and cons, terrarium team building in Singapore is becoming an increasingly popular tool to promote a healthy and active work environment.  

What Are Team Building Activities 

Team building activities are those activities that encourage participants to work in groups to reach a certain goal. These activities may be carried out in an office setting or outdoors. 

1. Indoor Team Building Activities 

Indoor team building activities can include the following 

  1. Pictionary 
  2. Terrarium Building 
  3. Office Jeopardy
  4. Minute to Win it
  5. The Price is Right 
  6. Board games

2. Outdoor Team Building Activities 

Some of the outdoor team building activities that can prove to be fun include 

  1. Paintballing 
  2. Scavenger hunt
  3. The Egg Drop
  4. The minefield
  5. Human knot

Any of these activities or a combination of some can be used to break the monotony of daily office work and give the staff members a chance to interact in a more relaxed environment. 

Advantages of Team Building Activities 

It is true that the stress of 5 days a week, 9-5 job can exhaust almost anyone. A stressed out and tired employee is not going to function at his or her optimum capacity as a result of which the company output will suffer. Team building activities are the best way to maintain a relaxed environment in the office.

Research has shown that employees that take part in team-building activities thrive better in their workplace, have healthier relationships with their colleagues, and show a significant rise in output at work when compared with companies that do not take part in such activities and instead focus solely on work. These activities not only help the members of the staff come closer and form lasting connections, they also promote a sense of belonging amongst the members of the team.

What Is Terrarium Building 

A terrarium refers to an aesthetically pleasing plant that is grown in an enclosed space, that is usually transparent and has an inlet large enough to allow the gardener to access the plants in order to make any changes. 

Terrarium team building activities can be used as DIY projects in offices as they are small plants being planted and grown in enclosed jars which you can personalize according to your liking and decorate your dresser with it or even make it as a present for a loved one.  

How To Build A Terrarium 

1. Select A Container

 The first step in terrarium building is selecting the appropriate jar, preferably a glass one, in which the terrarium is to be built.

2. Pick The Rocks

 Since the Container you picked will most likely be glass or any other transparent material, it is important to pick out pretty rocks as they will be visible on the outside. The prettier, the better

3. Layering

 Take some sheet moss and soak it in water. Now squeeze out the water and place it on top of the layer of pebbles. This layer will act as a barrier and prevent the soil from sliding between the rocks.

4. Add Soil

 Take some soil and add it to the layer above the moss. The type of soil to be used depends on the kind of plant to be planted. 

5. Plant Your Plant

 Carefully plant your preferred greenery into the soil after trimming it and using some pesticides to get rid of the bugs. 

6. Water

 Add water, but make sure not to flood it. 

And your terrarium is ready!

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