How Fake Followers Affect Brand Image And Social Media Marketing Services

Well, everyone is alarmed and quite shocked as to how people and companies gain followers overnight.

And quite frankly, everybody knows that such a leap is possible only if you are Jennifer Aniston (Remember when she gained millions of Instagram followers overnight and broke the previous record) or if your hashtag is trending too much on Twitter. If not any of these cases, you cannot gain just tens and thousands of followers overnight.

So, how did they do so?

Well, there is a phrase spoken very dimly in the areas of social media marketing services, and that is called Fake Followers.

Well, you read it right!

And surprisingly, a lot of brands and influencers, just to give an impression that they are a well-followed name and quite a good fan base, indulge in such practices, and honestly, it is not their fault.

There is too much importance given to the number of followers on Instagram. It has become a reputation for brands and individuals alike.

But do you think these fake followers exist for a long time? 

While such increased followers would not translate to engagement or genuine traffic, they are just still numbers on your profile. Many-a-times, even the social media algorithms fail to recognize it for some time, and your fake followers receive a green signal.

How does social media marketing in India algorithms work?

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The social media algorithms work the same for every country. And every social media channel has an algorithm by which determines what’s shown to the end-user.

This algorithm keeps on changing depending on user interests. It adds to the personalized touch of a platform after it has learned your interests, views, and values by tracking what you like, the type of content posts you prefer, what you share or comment on, and what keeps you using the platform. Now, after the algorithm has studied everything for you, it will show you relevant posts, ads, and news. Moreover, every time you interact with an account, the algorithm learns something new about you. 

And it improves! 

It a constant learning machine that never ever stops!

That said, INTEREST is one of the pivotal factors for all social media platform algorithms. Another concerning factor is the overall popularity of the post as well.

If you relate with it, so does others, and that is what improves the popularity of a post, allowing it to gain maximum traction on social media.

And that is right when we first connect with face fake accounts. Fake accounts like your post, share it more, indulge in the massive following for it, giving it more weight than the others. When the post gains momentum, the algorithms start suggesting it to other people like your friends and you, garnering more likes and comments. The more the comments and likes, the higher a post reaches on your feed, and the better is its views and user reception.

Currently, not many channels care about the sentiments of the comments, but its quantity. 

And that is matters in the end!

These fake accounts are not just about adding likes to a post so that you view it more often on social media; they also create posts for you. The fake account bots take charge of the posting nature, adding hundreds of posts to an account on a day, completely changing the trends and tactics that were going on currently. This way, these fake accounts affect the perceived trends, dominating topics of conversation, impacting public opinion, and rendering all the work done by genuine social media marketing services and accounts fruitless.

Because of such fake accounts, a pseudo ban base is created on social media, which doesn’t actually exist in real life.

What is the existential nature of these fake accounts?

Every fake account has a different purpose. 

They can be used as a part of the political propaganda, spread some fake viral news, divert customer attention from genuine posts, and create distrust and division amongst the social media users. These bots can also pass on non-correct information about brands that often mislead customers. They can even talk about any famous personality and spread false news about them.

One of the most recent examples of bots taking charge of social media platforms and driving purposeful conversations is during a popular segment of American voice on social media asking the government to open the nation amidst strenuous times of Covid-19. As per a review by MIT, around 45-60% of accounts asking to reopen America on social media were bots.

Some other times, fake accounts can promote a candidate during the presidential election, stirring chaos and confusion amongst the public and making them feel that there is no end game to it.

These fake accounts occupy our social media with their non-authentic posts and push real ones down the feed. Moreover, it affects how we perceive the information and affects our mental stability.

And that is not a joke!

How do fake accounts affect a brand?

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Now that you know what these fake accounts do to our minds, it is necessary to note what they do to the image of a brand as well.

For starters, if a company tries to increase its followers overnight by adding fake accounts, social algorithms can recognize it and remove your page instantaneously before any signs of when you can revive it. This act in itself is a big blow for brands that impart the values of trust and quality to the customers. It kind of builds a perception in the mind of the customers that if they could lie to their own brand, they can very well lie to them as well.

And, if you’ve been too smart with the algorithm defeating it, fake followers are actually bots that do not interact with any posts. It means a complete sloppy ride down the lane for your overall engagement rate, cluttering your follower numbers, damaging your credibility, and affecting your overall brand reputation. It is very simple for people these days to understand if the number of followers on any account is real or fake. Not to mention, your brand will suffer due to the lack of proper information about your followers, what they like, their preferences, the most sellable product, and how customers wish to interact with your brand.

So, if you are one of those popular brand accounts with a good following, firstly, Kudos! 

And secondly, there is always a way in which you can scan your social media account and get rid of all the fake followers. Only if you really care about your image in the market.

How social media marketing in Indian company can help you

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Knowledge is power. And to regain your power, you need to make sure you have the right people to help you through the path.

An apt social media marketing in India company will make sure that your Content does the talking about your brand and indulge in genuine and reliable social media marketing services for proper brand endorsement. The only way you can make sure that the followers you have on your account do exist in reality is by engaging in meaningful conversations.

That way, you know that your brand is making a difference in the lives of your followers in a REAL way.

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