Guide Before Buying A Computer

Your current computers are too old to repair or expand, you can no longer carry out your work or play comfortably because its performance is very low, minutes pass and you continue sitting in front of the computer waiting for it to respond …? If you need to buy a computer, you should ask yourself certain questions beforehand.

Do not forget that if you want to improve performance or update your current computer, you can consult our technicians without any commitment and they will help you decide if it is a better option to repair your current equipment or buy: Make a consultation.

If in your nearest specialized store, you have been told that it is not worth repairing, that it cannot be expanded and you are determined to make an investment to buy your new PC or laptop. We tell you everything you need to know before starting to buy a computer, we warn you from now on that any offer that then does not suit your needs will not be worth it, it is better to find out before, then it will be late.

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The processor is “the heart” of a computer, it is what will define that the use that we can make of the computer, we find several situations:

  • If we think to carry out simple tasks such as Office automation, Web browsing, Social networks, viewing multimedia content, mail, etc.
  • It will be enough with a new generation Intel Pentium or an AMD QC5000 or even an i3 if we want slightly more powerful equipment.
  • We are going to make a more intensive use, using games, photo editing, video editing casually and using architecture programs such as AutoCAD or Adobe suites, we should opt for intel i5 9400F or an AMD Ryzen 5. (It is necessary in this case to add a graphics card).
  • If we want to make a professional use, be it in gaming, video editing, and rendering especially in high resolutions, we will have to opt for an Intel i7, i9, or a Ryzen 7. Adding of course a high-end graphics card.

The importance of the processor in the use of programs

“PROCESSOR / CPU: The processor influences in different ways depending on the application, but in the professional field of graphic editing, photography, video editing or AUDIO composition, the processor plays a very important role, we should not be guided by the cores or frequency of a processor since what is important is the actual performance of each processor core as well as the instructions it is capable of handling.

In most cases, the basic user looks at the frequency in GHz, thinking that the more GHz the better performance, this is not entirely false, but in a comparison between a 6-core Intel Core i7 8700K versus an AMD Ryzen 7 2700x both have similar raw power, but in APPs like Premiere PRO CC 2018, AutoCAD 2019 or Corel Draw 2018, Intel’s performance is much higher despite having 2 fewer cores than Ryzen 7 2700x, that is, because not all APPs are able to take advantage of so many cores and will benefit more from a CPU with few cores but very efficient instead of many cores with lower performance per single core.

The processor plays an important role when it comes to editing PDF files, processing video projects to MP4, MKV, AVI, MOV, etc., rendering by software (software rendering is rarely used), calculating lights on a 3D scene, or well sample shadows in a project.

In any case, when buying a computer, if we want to dedicate ourselves or are professionally dedicated to photography, graphic design, architecture, Audio-Visual composition, or any artist’s work, the recommendation is always INTEL. “

Buy a PC or laptop?

We have not talked about whether you look at whether we should opt for buying a Best Monitor for Nintendo Switch or desktop computer. The decision is simple, a desktop always, always, will be superior in performance compared to a laptop when we talk about the same investment.

We are faced with several situations:

  • If we need portability, either because we are students, our work requires moving or traveling, the decision is obvious, a laptop is the best option. It is ideal for office, mail, web, multimedia use. If, on the other hand, we want intensive use (Gaming, rendering, editing), there are powerful options on the market, for example, MSI Laptop.
  • We do not make intensive use of the equipment but we do not need portability, a desktop is preferable since we will have a larger screen and more powerful equipment for the same price, their breakdowns will be cheaper and they are more durable equipment. If we prefer because we do not have space at home or because we want to move between the different rooms, we can buy a laptop that will fulfill its function for this use in the same way. Inexpensive laptop.
  • If we need power and we can work in our office or our home, the decision is clear, a desktop is clearly superior and is the option to take. Custom computers.

Raw power or mobility and versatility?

Laptops suffer more from temperature, their breakdowns are more expensive and their processors are much less powerful compared to their desktop counterparts. We recommend from PCMADRID that users create their professional content and play with a desktop computer. 

If they need mobility to travel or show previously created content to their clients, we recommend also purchasing a laptop and thus using it as a complement to our main work team.

Base plate

The motherboard is the great forgotten and unknown in the world of computing for most users, people who are not very informed in the field of Hardware, usually buy a computer based on its processor, amount of Ram memory, and hard drive storage.

Many brands take advantage of this to assemble equipment with very poor quality motherboards, without future expansion options, and with very cheap components.

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