Five Awesome Hacks to Find the Best Portuguese Translators in the US like a Pro

Finding a good translator is as easy and as difficult as it can get. But here’s the thing: it’s easy to find translators, but finding a good translator who can understand your needs and deliver on time and at the same time match your budget can be difficult.

Now when we say good translators, we mean translators that match the following criteria.

  1. They are native speakers, or their language skill is as good as native speakers.
  1. They understand the culture and sensitivity of the language.
  1. Subject matter expertise, if in case the translation job requires technical know-how.
  1. To translate fiction and poems, the writer should have a good grasp of literature and language and grammar skills.

A good translator is thereby someone who matches your project-specific requirement and is friendly to your budget.

Here are five hacks on how you can find the best Portuguese translators in the US.

Post your requirement on freelancing websites

There are many freelancing websites available. Few websites even let you post your job requirement for free. This hack is the number one way to find a freelance Portuguese translator. This way, you don’t have to go contacting freelancers and can get several bids from freelancers for your project; you can then select the one best suited for your requirement. Moreover, you can easily see their work history and ratings by the clients they have previously worked for. This is the best way to find freelance translators.

Search on Google

This is an old school idea, but it works. You can search for your requirement on Google, with keywords like freelance Portuguese translators in the New York area. This way, you can find freelancers who are near to you and reach out to them. Many freelancers have their website or blog where they talk about their experience and even showcase their work. This can help you to reach out to the ones that match your requirement.

Explore your options on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a good option to find translators. You can not only find translators but can also catch first-hand reviews from other clients they have worked with. You can also post your requirement as a job on LinkedIn, and you will find suitable applications on your way.

 Go for an agency

If you think you have bulk work and would require more than one translator to handle your project, then taking the agency route is not a bad option. In fact, you will even find translator agencies on freelance websites. These agencies will manage the project for you and coordinate with writers to ensure your project is delivered on time.

Ask your industry friends for a referral

If you have friends in the same industry or know someone who has previously worked with translators before, then asking for a referral can make your task easy. Your friends will only refer them to you if they were satisfied with the work, and that can be a sure shot way to guarantee reliable work.

Additional Tips:

  • Carefully examine the past work of the translator before you sing them up.
  • If they are new and can’t show any past example, making them do a small task can go a long way in gauging their abilities. This can also help you judge their punctuality first hand.

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