Everything you need to know about Chimney Repair

A chimney is a building that provides an outlet for the smoke from your fireplace. It also provides necessary ventilation to prevent carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning, which can be lethal. The purpose of this guide is to provide you with information on how to identify and fix common problems related to chimneys so that you can ensure the safety of yourself and those around you. This guide will cover topics such as: How to inspect and identify the chimney problems? When to hire the chimney repairing expert? And how much time it requires to perform the repairing procedure?

Everything you need to know about Chimney Repair

Get Ready for Chimney inspection

A chimney sweep should come once every two years to inspect the pipe that carries smoke from your fireplace, but there are a few things you can do before they arrive. The first thing is to make sure everything in your fireplace is off and cool enough so that it doesn’t produce any heat or smoldering embers. You’ll also want to have some basic tools ready: gloves (to protect against scorching), eye protection, needle nose pliers, and wire brush, a heavy-duty shop vacuum cleaner with a hose attachment, flashlight, and a metal scraper. It’s important not to touch anything inside of the chimney until after all hot surfaces have cooled down for at least an hour!

How to inspect Chimney DIY?

When inspecting your chimney, look up into it while there is no smoke coming out. Look for cracks, soot on the walls and ceiling of the chimney, rusting or corrosion on metal parts, debris blocking vents that are usually open to let air in, and out of your fireplace (like a damper), signs of water leaks at any point inside your chimney; also look up into the flue pipe for evidence of animals nesting there: rat nests with droppings or chewed wood/plastic items.

Inspection and Repairing by Chimney specialist

If you are getting professional services from chimney repair Fredericton then they will first inspect the chimney. After inspecting your chimney, the team will suggest what type of repairing you might need. Chimney repair often involves replacing the crown of your chimney and rebuilding or lining it with clay bricks.

A new roof will not leak, a cracked ridge cap can be fixed so that water cannot get into the chimney anymore, you’ll have more heat going up the flue pipe because there isn’t any obstruction in its way, and your fireplace won’t stink!

The benefits are too many to list, but I hope this made sense; if you need any further information, please contact your nearest chimney inspection and repairing team.

Chimney repair time estimate

It depends on the situation! If you have a cracked crown, your chimney won’t take much time to repair. However, if you’re entire chimney needs rebuilding, then it’s going to be an extensive process that could take weeks or months to complete!


The bottom line is, always get experienced professionals in for any workaround fireplaces and flues. They can spot problems before they happen, which will save you lots of money! Also, I will never recommend a DIY job because it should be only performed by a skilled person

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