E-Commerce Trends for 2021

The recent era has witnessed a significant rise in the e-commerce business, and the pandemic has altered the shopping habits of people.

While the pandemic left many retailers at a breaking point, it also gave retailers a new way of selling products online. In this blog, we will talk about various eCommerce trends that can significantly be adopted in 2021.

Live Commerce

Although Live stream commerce started in China gradually it expanded all over the world due to its potential to connect buyers and sellers in real-time. Hence today live streaming has become a vital digital property for various eCommerce platforms. Brands, whether big or small, are trying to integrate a live streaming commerce solution in their eCommerce business. 

What makes Live commerce interesting is that you can host live Q&A sessions, polls, product launch and offer discounts all in real-time.

Here is how live stream shopping can benefit your brand

  1. Helps you to increase your reach via streaming on different platforms
  2. Builds the trust or faith of customers resulting in better revenue generation
  3. Offers you real-time engagement with your customers
  4. It’s easy and convenient to host 
  5. Leads to brand loyalty

Shopping via Smart Speakers

Every home these days is equipped with smart speakers like Google home or Alexa. The rise of smart speakers has raised up to 70% in the last year as compared to 2018. These speakers have become important tools for almost every shopper, especially when people were bound to stay indoors during the pandemic. Almost 20% of the users have been using these smart speakers for shopping activities, like ordering, searching products, tracking the order and so on.

As we move in 2021, we expect that more consumers will be using these smart speakers for their online shopping without looking at their screens.

Increase in the use of Chatbots

To meet the needs of customers most companies have incorporated chatbots in their business models. Sectors like retail, health care and banks were already using chatbots for a while now.

Chatbots offer business and users certain advantages, like minimum waiting time and 24×7 availability. Once a user decides a product they want to purchase, chatbots direct them to a website and navigate them to place an order.

You can also feel the in-person experience with chat-bots as they humanize the entire shopping experience

The Re-commerce

The merchants are facing lots of problems by receiving lots of return products especially in the case of the fashion industry.

If retailers can sell these products again by passing a quality check, then retailers can balance their lost costs. This resale trend is going viral in the high luxury market for approximately a year now. And 2021 could be the year to see the bloom of resale of such products.

There are different types of consumers in the market who can not afford such high priced products but can accept second-hand products as they are a bit cheaper.

Another major reason why Re-commerce is gaining popularity is that people are becoming more nature-friendly and ecological. So when reusing products there would be less misuse of nature as there would be less need for new products in the market.

Influencer Marketing

Earlier the influence marketing was all about posting selfies with carefully-constructed captions and extremely edited products. But in the last few years, we have seen a change in how brands and influencers have started working together. Audiences have started putting trust in brands that have started collaborating with some known and unknown influencers. A brand should focus on creative influencer content that aims at promoting education, entertainment, and the viewer experience.

In fact, some big brands have already started collaborating with influencers to create and promote their content on different social media platforms and foster digital communities.

It is to be believed that in 2021, e-commerce brands will need to have a strong communication with their potential customers, or they’ll be left behind in the competitive environment. In eCommerce, a brand that is likely to have the strongest connection in terms of communication and engagement are likely to earn better and sustain.


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