Digital Marketing as a Career Option in the UK

People are currently compelled to work from home after the onset of this pandemic in the UK, and this is an excellent opportunity for digital marketers. People in the UK are spending additional hours on the internet, which is also a great opportunity for online businesses to reach out to them. 

Even after the pandemic is over, marketing via digital channels will continue to rule, especially in the UK. The future is pretty bullish in that sense for digital marketing professionals, and this is a career which can be considered for creative youngsters in the UK.  

There are many lending businesses as well in the UK which are offering loans for unemployed to the young population for them to pursue a course in digital marketing. These are unsecured loans, and the borrower does not have to have a regular job to be eligible for these loans. 

The best part about these loans is that the lender transfers the loan amount on the same day the borrower has applied for it after it gets approved. Besides, you don’t have to pledge any of your assets as collateral against the loan and neither you have to produce any guarantor to represent you. 

This blog will further explore and explain about digital marketing as a career option for young professionals in the UK. Let’s dive deeper to know better as to what one can do to get his/her dream job in this space. 

Scope of Digital Marketing in the UK

The UK population as per the official figures of 2019 is close to 67 million, and approximately 90% of this population is present online, and 44 million of these people use the internet daily. This means there is a vast scope if a company wants to reach out to the majority of the population via the internet. 

Digital marketing is the good way to reach that big chunk of the population. Companies in the UK have been increasing their digital marketing budget owing to these opportunities. This is also because conventional marketing strategies are slowly becoming a thing of the past in this tech era. 

Job Opportunities in Digital Marketing in the UK

Now let’s look at the job opportunities in the digital marketing space to know better about the profiles offered. 

There are multiple roles in the likes of a content marketer, social media marketer, SEO specialist, digital marketing strategist, graphic designer, google ads specialist, communications and PR, copywriting, database analyst and manager, email marketers to name a few. 

In a nutshell, the opportunities are immense in this field; companies just need the right skill sets and learning mindset. 

Qualifications Needed to be a Digital Marketer

There is not a long list of qualifications and pre-requisites needed to be a successful digital marketing professional, some respite on that front. You can pursue a vocational course online on digital marketing to pick up specific nuances to become industry-ready. 

One can apply for loans like provident fund, which will act as a financial saviour to help you pursue such vocational courses. You can also plan to do a professional course to take a degree like a BA in digital marketing or BSc in digital marketing from any reputed institute. 

There are many prestigious Universities in the likes of Coventry University, University of Greenwich, the University of Northampton running such programs. This will help you to get the best opportunities in renowned companies and also a higher pay owing to the credibility of your credentials. 

Another important point has the right skills to get the job, and one category is of technical skills needed in digital marketing which you can learn in these courses. 

Another category is of soft skills which are also equally important in the present context. It includes your communication skills, your confidence, your personality and attitude, how you talk etc. 

No matter which job you are in, you are perpetually in conversation with your colleagues or your customers. Thus soft skills are essential. Companies these days are emphasizing this aspect as well while interviewing and recruiting a candidate for any role.  

Average Pay Grade of a Digital Marketer in the UK

According to a research study, digital marketing professionals earn somewhere around £22,000 to £35,000 on an average in the UK. However, your pay also depends on your alma mater, its reputation, your previous work experience, your skill set, your academic background and a whole lot of other factors. 

Experienced professionals get more salary compared to young and relatively inexperienced professionals. The bottom line is that, to quickly rise the ladder, you need to work hard and build a great profile of yours. 

How to get Work Experience for Fresh Graduates?

As mentioned before, if you have some work experience then your chances of getting hired in a new company on a higher package. It also helps you stand out from other candidates who have applied for a similar profile. 

As a fresh graduate out of college, firstly, you should develop a great understanding of the industry by reading and reading a lot. You should know the latest digital marketing trends are, what companies are doing currently, what are the best practices being followed. 

Read about it and talk to people in your circle or approach professionals on LinkedIn for a better understanding. 

Also, you can start a blog of your own and post relevant content on it regularly. If people start liking your blogs, then more readers for you and subsequently you can monetize it as well. 

You can also apply online on job portals for internships, training, live projects, freelance opportunities posted by companies. This will add value to your resume and also will count as relevant work experience and thus increase your credibility in the next job interview.

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