Developing the Uber-like app for all industries that helps you reach a global audience

As we all know, there are Uber like apps developed for almost all industries and services. Considering the current massive demand, we are going to develop Uber like apps for all sectors that help boost your sales and increase your revenue with just a few taps in no time.

The industries that Uber-like apps are available are

  • For Taxi Services
  • For Salon Services
  • For beauty services
  • For logistics
  • Cab booking services
  • Relocation Services
  • Food delivery services
  • Mechanic services
  • Plumbers
  • Car repair services, and so on.

Almost all Uber like apps are available for all possible services existing in the market, and it is crucial to have high-quality features and services to boost the business in all sectors. 

Major services offered in our Uber for X app

White-label customization

We provide end-to-end customizable Uber like apps that can be rebranded with your rooted branding elements such as logo, name, UX design and much more.

Complete Customization

Our on-demand services app is built in a way that helps customize the app according to your business requirements.

Easy accessibility

We ensure to develop Uber for on-demand services app to be easily accessible, user- friendly for all age groups.

Compliance with PCI

We offer the clone script assuring PCI compliance so the businesses will not face any legal issues, accepting online payments on Uber for X services/software.

Multi accessibility

Our development process makes sure to have accessibility for multiple services and languages, enabling you to start any on-demand Uber services like kickstarting a Uber for beauty services or Uber for Logistics, etc., in any language of your choice. Integrate the Uber like apps for X services in any language.

Explore Uber for X Services with the following features

1. Home Profile details

Ensure to develop an Uber for X service app by showcasing the details of each on-demand service provider. The app should equip each profile with photos, a brief bio, ratings, area of expertise, etc.

2. Live Map View

Ensure to develop a live map view feature that allows users to view a live list of on-demand service providers around them under a particular service type.

3. List view

Enable the app by displaying a list of providers under a particular service based on filter, settings & availability.

4. Offers & Discounts

Increase the user base for your Uber for X services via providing loyalty programs, referrals, promotions, etc.

5. Multi-language & multi-Currency

Make sure to build an on-demand services app in multiple languages & multiple currencies to reach an audience globally.

6. Referral System

The on-demand services app has a referral system in which the user can easily refer the app to their friends & family members. The uber for X services are developed with unique design, enticing users to use the app for a longer run.

7. Multiple Payment Options

The app is built with various payment options that can be made with cash, cards, e-wallets, payment gateways.

8. Instant booking 

The clone app allows users to instantly book the order / Services or Schedule it according to your time.

9. Live Tracking

The Uber app enables users to track the requested order/services easily.

On-demand app development for Uber for X services

There are various services available in Uber for X app. Here, we are listing out a few of them.

1. Food Ordering Services

To take your food delivery business to the next level, develop on-demand services to enable the customers to book and get instant delivery for the best experience.

2. Cab Booking Services

Ensuring to develop an Uber for on-demand services helps to create interactive cab booking apps. These are meant to offer comprehensive services with the best support and tracking.

3. Salon Services

Ensure developing an app with the latest technology, tools, and strategies to help your business deliver flexible services to your customers. This helps to have attractive salon services with a simple booking and availing of on-demand services.

Health Services

With significant exposure and to offer the best services in the health industry, develop on-demand health apps from which you connect users with the experts and professionals that help maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Courier Services

Make the courier business easier and related to technology by enabling the customers’ on-demand services.

Logistics Services

Uber for on-demand services is all you need to achieve greater heights in the logistics business with highly interactive web or mobile services. 

Wrapping Up,

The Uber for on-demand services is available for all possible industries in today’s business. If anyone wants to start a business, then the on-demand uber like service comes in handy. Because it’s convenient and time-saving, on-demand apps like Uber still stand in all the industries. On-demand Uber apps are available for all the majorly used ones like for delivering food, booking taxi, grocery shopping, all-in-one service like handyman, etc., as they are safe and user-friendly.

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