Specialties of Custom Food Packaging

All the suppliers of food products prefer custom food boxes for food delivery. These boxes come in many attractive shapes and styles. They may come in rectangular, round, and square shapes. They may also come in specialized forms such as pentagonal, hexagonal, and other creative ones. Their manufacturing materials are eco-friendly. They can include kraft, e-flute, corrugated cardboard, and others. The thickness of these materials can vary from 10pt to 28 pt. They can provide desired safety to packaged food items. They are waterproof and durable. Their manufacturing materials are biodegradable and recyclable. They are cost-effective as well. They come with printed images and graphics to describe the product. Many finishing options are available for enhancing their attractiveness. They include matte, gloss UV, spot UV, smudge-free, and soft-touch. They may also come with die-cut windows and customized handles.

When we talk about the packaging of food products, we should know that they require extraordinary safety. Different food items are vulnerable to get damaged by different factors. All the food suppliers get their custom food boxes with special features according to their food items. Following are some of the specialties of food packaging.

1.     Waterproof and Durable 

Food materials are vulnerable to different damages during their handling, shipping, and storage. All the food suppliers have to go out of the box for their safety. Exposure to water is one of the major problems that can affect the quality and taste of foods. Most food boxes come with special features to resist the damages due to water. They come with additional water-resistant lamination. They can help to protect the internal content from the damaging effects due to moisture and water. We also know that bumping during shipping and handling can spoil the shape of cakes or pastries. It may lead to the breakage of cookies. For avoiding this type of damages, these boxes come with thicker flaps and internal safety features. They may come with inserts or compartments to hold the food products tightly and reduce their mobility. They can keep them safe during shipping.

2.      Food-Grade Manufacturing Materials 

You must understand that different factors can affect the quality of food products. The manufacturing materials of the box matter a lot. When you are going to produce food packaging boxes, you should consider the after-effects due to their manufacturing materials. You can use either non-toxic or food-grade materials for their manufacturing. They will not add any bad impact on your foods. You should know that most of these boxes are manufactured by using kraft, bux board, or cardboard stocks. They are biodegradable and recyclable. They are safe for the environment and the product as well. Some companies use food-grade materials such as starch and other natural materials. Such type of packaging is edible. Moreover, their printing inks and adhesives are also biodegradable and eco-friendly. They can help to deliver foods safely to the customers.

3.      Customizable Shapes and Sizes 

You can understand that food suppliers in the market are competing with each other. For increasing their customer base, they have to make their packaging attractive. Moreover, we can understand that different food items have different sizes. They have variable lengths and widths. Therefore, different foods require packaging of different sizes. The shapes of these boxes also depend upon the size and shape of the product. For example, when you have to package cakes, you may need heightened boxes, whereas, for pastries, you don’t need them. Hence, we can say that most food boxes are customized according to the type and shape of the food product. They come in attractive shapes for grabbing the attention of the audience and generating more sales.

4.      Smart Packaging 

Smart packaging is a new trend in food packaging. There are two types of smart packaging such as intelligent packaging and active packaging. Active packaging comes with special ingredients that can help to keep the encased items safe. They help to increase the shelf life of the foods. They may either release something or eliminate something from the product to keep it safe. They come with light filtering materials, moisture control, anti-microbial coatings, and oxygen absorbers. These features can help to enhance their shelf life. Intelligent packaging comes with special features that are related to the other world. They add diagnostic and indicator functionality to these boxes. They perform the function of marketing and customer engagement. When you have to get these boxes at lower rates, you must consider food boxes wholesale. 

5.      Airtight Boxes

We know that dust particles and contact with air can spoil the taste and quality of the food product. It is highly necessary to keep the encased food items from all kinds of threats due to dust and contact with air. For this purpose, most companies produce boxes with airtight lids. These lids can help to prevent the entry of dust particles into the box. They can help to protect them from negative effects due to contact with air. Moreover, lids come in various catchy shapes. They can enhance their visual beauty. They can win the satisfaction of customers by delivering them safe food items.

6.      Informative Printed Content 

It has become a trend that most brands use eatable packaging for food items. They don’t cause any negative impact on them. Their manufacturing materials are eatable and sturdy. They are also easily printable. You should know that they can come with printed informative content. It is a specialty of these boxes that they communicate essential information with the audience. They come with printed graphics and imagery. They also come with textual content to interact with the customers and win their trust. They can help to convince them to buy your products. They either describe the product or company. They can help to advertise the product and its manufacturer. 

We have described different special features of custom food boxes. We have understood that these boxes come with extraordinary safety features. They also come with attractive features to grab the attention of people. They contain printed information about the product. Custom packaging help to increase the sales of products by their catchy features and enhanced safety.

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