Complete Guide to Develop an On-demand Service App like Gojek

Ever since the combination of high-tech smartphones and fast internet service took place, it revolutionized the way people ordered items and services. Earlier, there was one application, which offered one unique service to the users. But, with the advancement of technology, developers packed several benefits in a single application which introduced the concept of multi-service apps like Gojek. It spiked the interest of the entrepreneurs to use multi-service apps to provide several on-demand services to the users. But, the development cost of such apps is on the higher side, so many entrepreneurs preferred using clone apps to check the costs.

For more information on the multi-service clone, apps go right here for expert gojek clone. Before explaining how to pack several on-demands apps into one, let’s look at what on-demand means.

 On-demand service

Those services, which the users can request anytime and anywhere over the internet and set served as soon as possible, come under on-demand services. There are vast numbers of services, which fall under this category, and the presence of an app plays a significant role in the success of these businesses. The application enhances the functioning at different levels:

  •          Processing and retrieval of data
  •          Storage of data
  •         Streamlining the workflow
  •          Provide instant updates
  •          Lower the cost

Development of Application

After deciding on the number of on-demand services that need to be integrated into a single multi-service application, it’s time to start developing. A business can develop the app from ground level or go with a clone app, they can go right here expert gojek clone, to get themselves the best customizable clone app like Gojek in the market. But, before opting for any of the mentioned options, they need to realize what they want from the multi-service app they intend to create.

To succeed in the market, they need to develop a well-thought strategy based on the aspects like the target customer group, the demographic conditions, the point of difference in the app, and more. This will help them to decide on the features that they need to incorporate while designing the app.   

Essential features to add

The multi-service needs to include all the essential features to survive in the competitive market. With a Gojek clone app, they can add and remove features and tweak the existing feature to match the business requirements. This is the benefit of using clone apps, and these apps can be customized as per needs. The features get incorporated into three different app variants, serving various parties involved in the purchasing process.

  •          The consumer
  •          The service provider
  •          The administrator

Consumer app

  •          Registration – It helps the users to register themselves in the app by providing proper credentials.
  •          Browser services – Users browse through different types of services to add them to the cart.
  •          Geolocation – It provides the tracking location of the user to the service agent so that they can provide the service to the users.
  •          Push notification – Users get updates on the status of the service via notifications
  •          Payment modes – Users get to choose from different payment modes to pay for the service they received.  
  •          Feedback ­– This feature provides the user facility to rate the service that they received, and the event provides comments.
  •          Customer Support – Users can contact the support staff for inquiries.

Service Provider app

  •          Registration – Service providers can register their businesses on to the app.
  •          Dashboard – This section displays intricate details like revenue generated, orders were taken, customers served, and much more.
  •          Push notifications – All updates regarding the operation are received through push notification.
  •          Availability on/off – Service providers can turn on/ off their availability to provide services.

Admin Dashboard

  •          Content Management ­– The admin panel can alter, remove or add content in the app.
  •          Dashboard – They can view and manage several aspects of the users and service provider accounts.
  •          Assigning tasks – The admin panel can assign tasks to the service provider on a manual basis.
  •          Notify consumers – They can notify the consumers regarding special offers and the latest updates in the app.


A business owner can go right here expert gojek clone, to get hold of a multi-service clone app, which offers customizability, scalability, and lower cost of development. All these are necessary to design the perfect app that will propel the business to new heights. 

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