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Car Insurance

Whether you are driving your car regularly to your office or occasionally to for a long drive, you have to get the necessary car insurance policy to fulfill the legal requirements for driving in Dubai. However, before you should go to buy an insurance policy, you have to stay aware of the types of car insurance plans available to find the best car insurance plans in Dubai.

Types of Car Insurance Plans Available in Dubai

In Dubai and in other nearby emirates, you will find two different types of car insurance plans. These include-

Third Party Liability Type of Car Insurance 

Each car owner should mandatory owns third party liability type of insurance coverage according to Dubai’s insurance law. This is a basic coverage and gives protection against bodily injury or property damage caused to the third party from an insured car. 

However, the coverage fails to cover for any damage cause to the vehicle of a policyholder or in the case of damage/theft caused to the policyholder’s vehicle. Any individual want to buy third party type of insurance plan should be prepared to fulfill the expenses related to car repair on its own caused due to accident. Hence, the plan has a low premium amount as compared to any other cover. 

Comprehensive Type of Car Insurance Coverage 

Comprehensive type of insurance plan is one of the best car insurance plans in Dubai and in other regions of the UAE. The insurance cover provides protection to vehicles from all sorts of damages resulting from repairs or thefts, while cover various third party liabilities. Even depending on the plan you choose, comprehensive insurance policy covers the following add-ons along with basics. 

  • Damage or Loss to Own Vehicle 

The insurance provides coverage for your insured car in the case it suffers damage or loss in an accident. 

  • Medical Expenses 

If you suffer an accident with an insured car, you may expect to get medical treatment up to a certain amount, as mentioned in your signed policy. 

  • Third-party Vehicle and Property Damage

Comprehensive policy covers for damage to materials and property, which belong to the third party involved in an accident. For instance, it consists of coverage of AED 5million maximum. 

  • Personal Accident Coverage for Passengers or Drivers 

Comprehensive type of policy is one of the best car insurance plans in Dubai because it covers for both drivers and passengers of a car, who suffer injury and reach to fatality involved in the road accident. 

  • Offers Onsite Repair Services 

In the case an insured car breaks down during journey or over the road, the insurance plan may recompense the respective repairing cost. 

  • Agency Repair Service

Policyholders of a comprehensive car insurance plan may get a chance to repair their cars at any of the authorized dealers and manufactures in any of the premises at the UAE. 

  • Towing Services 

If the insured car or any other similar type of vehicle breaks down or suffers an accident, the insured person may avail towing assistance or transport service from your nearby workshop. 

  • Removal and Extraction Services 

Good companies offer the necessary crane assistance to remove or extract any insured car from the place of accident or vehicle breakdown. 

  • Combination of Car Hire and Valet Services 

Good insurance policies give various options related to hiring your car combined with valet services after you suffer an accident. However, the coverage for the miles, exact amount as well as duration may vary among policies. 

  • Outside of UAE Coverage 

Lastly, your motor car insurance coverage may include cover for loss or damage to the insured vehicle applicable to each of the GCC i.e. Gulf Cooperation Council countries. 

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