Beginner’s Guide To Social Media Listening Reports Using NetbaseQuid

You have heard of eavesdropping on social media, but now you want to know how to use it. Listening is not a fad, and it won’t go away as long as there is some discussion online. These conversations are an important source of intelligence for your marketing efforts if you know how to incorporate them into your strategy. This article is intended to be a practical guide to social listening for professional social media marketing. Here, we will discuss how you can use listening to social networks for your company or organization, as well as demonstrating its value.

The Benefits

Integrating social media listening into your overall digital marketing strategy has several important benefits. These benefits span the entire business, from product development to customer service.

Instant search: Analysis of current social media listening data provides you with an immediate search that does not need to organize in-person discussion groups or other structured analysis. These data are also in real-time, giving you the most accurate results for quick action.

More affordable: coordinating focus groups and hiring a target from market research agencies can be expensive. Listening to social media can be done at a lower cost than traditional research methods while returning a sample of individuals.

Preventive: When you listen on social media, you pay attention to trends and common service complaints. This type of listening prepares you to take action when necessary and prevents possible backlash for your business.

Depending on how you configure your social media listening, it may be easier to build and maintain than other research methods. Twitter search can be performed in minutes. With less setup time and cost, you free up more resources to track your results.

Create a Brand Analysis

The most common use for clearer listening on social media is a brand analysis. It is also very likely that you already have the necessary tools to do so. To conduct a brand analysis, you will need data such as what keywords are often mentioned with your brand, what online customers are talking about you, and how they react to your products. A brand analysis ranges from the general sentiment of the company to the sentiment at the product level. For general analysis, quarterly recording is acceptable, while faster recording may be necessary. 

Perform Competitive Analysis

One of the most useful parts of social media listening for marketers is its value in conducting competitive analysis. You can fill the gap and customer complaints will inform your marketing strategy. Create a listening report, which generates topics related to the topic you are studying. Create one for your competitor and see where he is performing well and where he could improve.

Another component of competitor analysis is share of voice (SOV). This means how much digital space your brand’s voice takes in conversations. Are you mentioned more often than your competition? Where does the conversation dominate?

Once you’ve generated the necessary reports, you can use that information to do things like:

  • Identifying your competitor’s weakness. Create your next marketing campaign with this information gathered.
  • Keep in mind that the most common complaint from competitors is a lack of response from customer service. Check your own service model and establish one or speed it up.
  • Keep in mind that your last campaign had dominated the online conversation, but most of the time customers are discussing your products. There is no need to act on this information except for a pat on the back.
  • Monitor: competitor’s performance, percentage of votes
  • Result: percentage of votes, the difference with competitors, product development, marketing campaigns

Report Your Content Strategy

You are probably already looking at your content’s performance, but go beyond that data to find inspiration in content? Use social listening to see what others are discussing. By creating a word cloud around a particular word or words, you can also easily see what other words are used. Now is a good time to talk about your additional services offered, especially if you feel like you have the right target audience.

Develop Your Product Or Service

Social listening allows you to identify ways to improve or add to your current range. Because hearing data is immediate, it allows for faster action for your business. Add updates to your application or see where your competitor lacks functionality. If that makes sense for your brand, add these features to your own product. If all of this sounds foreign and you want to help, NetbaseQuid is a social media analytics company that can do it all for you or show you how to successfully use social media listening to build your brand and be one-step above the competition. 

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