Banksy Guy Throwing Flowers at People He Just Knocked Out of a Car

Banksy Guy throws flowers like a pro. It’s hard to say whether or not Banksy is even aware that he’s doing it, but there’s an undeniable element of theatre in the act. It might just be the pure flattery and self-affirmation of an artist at work.

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. For a man who considers himself a trash talker on the streets, Banksy’s gift for words and flower delivery is like adding a new layer of material to the mix. A piece of work done is a piece of art done and flowers show that Banksy cares.

The flower delivery business has grown considerably in the last few years and Flower Delivery London has even expanded to cater for international clients. This means that Banksy’s gift to words and flowers is also appreciated outside of the UK. For a long time, the image of someone throwing flowers has been associated with a certain type of person – the angry, brooding flower-throwing gang. However, flowers are not exclusive to the angry. In fact they are ideal for someone looking to express their love or friendship.

The Message Conveyed By Banksy’s Gift to Words

Flowers is that we should be less selfish, more inclined to consider others before ourselves, and that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. What better way to say it than through flowers? The message Banksy tees wants us to take away from the western world is that the price of politics does not lie in the political view, but in the human being and the value that each individual adds to our civilization. He wants us to listen to the voice of reason in a world that has lost sight of reason in all its glory.

This is not to say that Banksy is anti-Obama

Quite to the contrary, his views are far more positive towards Obama than they have ever been towards any European politician, let alone one from Spain, whom he admires greatly. Although Obama is a great man, he has a difficult time expressing himself politically in the common language of English and is therefore appreciative of those who attempt.

He would also like to see the United States pull out all the troops from Afghanistan immediately and replace them with soldiers from nations that support the US military such as Afghanistan, Pakistan, Venezuela, South Africa, Taiwan, and Iraq. We have been there for so many years and it is high time we stepped aside and gave other countries a chance. In addition, Obama wants to renegotiate the current balance of payments on the debt with the Europeans, as well as with the Asians. In other words, he wants to start a trade war and make the Chinese compete with us in the market. How interesting would it be if Obama started a war with China over something as trivial as a flag?

As offensive as hiv/aids?

As regards Banksy’s basilica, you cannot read the graffiti without sitting in front of it and looking in vain, as it is written in Italian. The translation is Banksy’s name in Italian, which does not lend itself to a unique graffiti experience. It might have been nice to have a translation of the graffiti into English so that non-Italian speaker could enjoy a Banksy experience, but unfortunately, this does not exist.

Finally, in a fit of thoughtlessness, the Banksy Guy Throwing Flowers decided that he wanted to throw a “free world” party to celebrate the death of Fidel Castro, and he dressed accordingly, wearing a Fidel Castro t-shirt (that is very short, by the way), jeans, a Fedora hat, and carrying a Kalashnikov assault rifle. The fact that Castro is dead does not mean that the old regime should not have its dignity restored, or that the young Castro Brothers should not be allowed to rule a country that they took over. The Banksy Guy may wish to remarry someday, but for now, he is more interested in promoting political incorrectness via his Banksy Blog than in the actual revolution.

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