Are you Planning on Moving from Las Vegas to Pheonix?

So let me get this straight. You are planning to move from Las Vegas to Pheonix, and you wanted to get some estimates of the cost, the time, the best mover, so on. Well, I got you covered. Here, I will discuss my plan, the tips and tricks I use to have the best, most convenient move for you. Let’s begin:

Estimating your belongings

The first step of the moving process is estimating the sheer volume of your belongings. People tend to underestimate how many things they have in their possession vastly. This is something that they realize when the movers arrive, and it causes all sorts of problems. The rational thing to do is to estimate how much you have so that you can be sure that the moving company will have enough trucks to move your belongings and that the cost you estimated is close to the actual. The advantages of getting an accurate estimate are endless, so try your best here.

Finding the right mover

The second step of the move is selecting a mover who is reliable, affordable, and competent. I usually start this process by finding all the movers surrounding my area who are registered with the proper authorities because it is a pain to have a mover that is not registered if things go south. 

I know that I want to contact at least three moving companies for quotes, but I want those to be the best of the best. But, how do I ensure that the moving companies I am looking at are the best ones? One word: reviews!

Reviews are the holy grail for 21st-century customer. Before interacting with a business, we can have excellent knowledge of its service level, its price value for customers, and anything else. Go to Google or Yelp and find out the rating of the moving companies in your area, and it would not take you a long time to determine which is the best one. 

A word of caution: Be sure to only look at companies that have at least a couple hundred reviews. It is easy to get a good rating on your first 100 reviews because, typically, the first ones are from the people you know, and the rest are people feeling sorry for you because of the small number of reviews. Moreover, when the business is starting out, you are on your toes as well. Therefore, these are not very reliable and you should look at companies that have a lot of reviews.

Getting estimates

The best moving companies for you, as a rule, will be those that have 500 or more reviews and have a rating of 4.5 or move. Lucky for us, there is only one company that fits that scenario when it comes to Las Vegas. Move4less has around 1000 reviews, yet it continues to maintain a rating of 4.5. Since they provide a free estimate as well, I do recommend reaching out to them, but I will advise that you reach out to two other companies as well, because it will put you in a better position to judge.

Try to reach out to moving companies that offer free estimates, so that you don’t waste money on this. It will help you in getting a quote if you had estimated how many belongings you have. 

Confirm the move

Once you have settled on the best moving company for your move from Las Vegas to Pheonix, be sure to book them for a suitable time. I hope this article helps you find the best moving company for you. Happy Moving!

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