A Trip to Leh Ladakh- All You Need to Know

Picturesque snowscapes are not the only attraction in Ladakh, there are a large variety of distinct features attributed to those places that are exclusively comprehended only if you visit them. An exotic culture blended with traditional habitation makes Ladakh a location that derives its beauty from its untapped resources. Ladakh is widely known for being a trekking and biking inclination that seekers relish themselves with. There are multiple interesting phenomena to discover including the kind-hearted inhabitants of Ladakh.

Delicate region

Tourists are carefully facilitated in the union territory of Ladakh which is a strategic location for India. It constitutes an area of larger Kashmir formerly known as Jammu and Kashmir. As a result of being situated in a border region that has its proximity with neighbouring countries of India, to wander in Ladakh an Indian citizen is entitled to acquire a grant or permission from the district office. A total of 2 permits are required, one that allows you to cross Rohtang pass and another that regulates your entry in Ladakh. Some destinations that we are going to discuss further also fall under disputed regions, thus the fragility of the region makes it one of the diligently travelled places in India.

Prominent sites

Although the entire Ladakh deserves to be explored by its seekers but for a concise trip, paying a visit to the most magnificent and alluring locations is essential. Some of the places to visit in Ladakh are listed below:

·  Pangong lake graces Ladakh from 173 km away from the Leh city and is counted as one of the most incredible lakes in the world. Tourists from all over the world visit the lake to witness its majesty. It is popularly believed that the lake changes its colour but primarily appears to be pristine blue in colour that quenches the soul with utter solace. The barren mountains that surround the lake turn out to be adorning the lake with a stunning vista.

·  Tso Moriri sways in the Leh city and seizes the space of your heart that is reserved for your favourite place. This lake is one of those locations which falls in the vicinity of a settlement. This destination is also popular amongst the trekkers as this caters as one of the highest points in their summit.

·  Khardungla Top is the highest motorable passes in the world and thousands of riders every year undertake this adventure. It is settled above 18,380 ft. above sea level, just wondering if you are riding your favourite motorcycle over such heights.

·  Nubra Valley is famous for its Double humped camels that give you an exquisite ride on them across the deserted valley. Apart from that, Diskit monastery is one of the oldest and biggest monasteries in the valley that charms its visitors with the giant statue of Lord Buddha.

·  Drang Drung Glacier is 22km long glacier that happens to be one of the largest glaciers in the world over the Zanskar Valley. The snowscape that awaits your presence is this glacier that would stun you with its incredible trail.

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Tour Duration

A city like Leh and its sheltering region Ladakh is best experienced in a span of 13 days which would make you cover almost the highly attractive locations. A tour planned to replenish should be as long as the time period of exhaustion. Preferably April to June and September are considered to wander in Ladakh but other seasons are not bad.

Popular Treks

Ladakh is a home to a vast array of trekking points and summits that are tempting to the footsteps of trek enthusiasts. The treks such as the Markha Valley Trek, Zanskar trek, Chadar Trek, Stok Kangri Trek and Tso Moriri treks are the most populous treks of all the treks in Ladakh. More unexplored paths range from Snow leopard trek, Alchi Trek, Spituk trek and many more. These are the treks that are counted as moderately difficult treks as Ladakh is a region which is susceptible to topographical changes subjected to its high settlement area. Along with trek bike riders also choose to explore the province with the same delight as trekkers and adapt the routes that are embellished with varied landscapes starting from sandy trails on either side of the road to the roads inclining along the mountainous paths.

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